Klear - Summer Bundle, featuring 10 features!

Klear has an exciting summer bundle full of 10 new features!  Boolean support for Influencer keyword search - find influencers that mentioned multiple keywords using AND / OR boolean operators. (Ex. Fashion AND Travel) Campaign list view - offering both a table view of all campaigns with columns to filter and sort by. Use saved templates in connect messages - use saved templates everywhere you can chat with influencers in Klear. New connect toolbar - the new toolbar in the connect tab of campaigns offers several new options including attach file, send tracking link, send agreement, send payment, send coupon code, and saved templates! Instagram Reels in Campaigns - Instagram Reels are now included in campaign data. New Instagram Reels Badge - in influencers’ content tab and in campaign data. Enhanced custom variables - expansion of current custom variables to now offer no limit to the number of variables that can be added per influencer. Additionally, all variables will be saved to your account, and whenever an influencer is added to a campaign, all of their variables will be automatically added to that new campaign. Variables are also present in broadcast messages, allowing you to add a personalized touch to mass messages! Manually select content for collaborators - Decide which influencer content submissions your collaborators see by manually selecting the content that collaborators will see. Then manually add each submitted content to the collaboration portal, which includes a new “Awaiting Feedback” status. Social channel customization in Recruit form - no longer requires Instagram, allowing users to specify which channel(s) to request influencers connect. Add own terms to Recruit form - add a link with your own terms and conditions when building a Recruit form, rather than using the built-in Klear Ts & Cs. klear.com

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