Explore: New Filters - "Media Format" and "Outlet Type"

In 2023, the Meltwater Product teams are focused on making it easier for you to create searches with relevant results. As such, we're excited to announce two new filter types to make your lives easier and your searches better: 'Media format' and 'Outlet type.'What is it? The Media format subfilter allows you to include or exclude search results by specific news media format - Online and Print. *Meltwater has partnerships with select content providers that offer access to print media. Access to this content is offered as add-on package. The 'Media format' lets you isolate print media when you have the add-on. The Outlet Type subfilter lets you include or exclude news media results by specific categories - press releases, trade publications, stock market news, and more. The subfilter works at the publisher level, classifying outlets according to the type of news media they mainly publish. For example, Marketwatch.com and all its published content fall in the Stock Market News category.  What's the value? The new filters help you reduce noise (e.g., get rid of stock ticker updates or press releases) and narrow your results to only the most relevant content (e.g. only include results from trade journals), leading to more efficient media monitoring and more accurate reporting. Finally, the new filters save you the time you might otherwise spend manipulating queries and combing through irrelevant results Where can I access the new subfilters?When viewing results in Explore or Explore for Media Intelligence, under the Source Type > News > By criteria subfilter, you will see two new options: Media format and Outlet type.  We’d love your feedback:Once you’ve had time to test the new filters, we’d love you feedback. You can do so by filling out the following 1 to 2 minute survey.Examples of outlet type classifications (read our Help Center article here)Below, you'll find the outlet type category definitions and examples.Any feedback on the classification of outlet types can be directed to help@meltwater.com.General NewsIncludes news outlets and other providers of newsworthy content.Example: NYTimesMarket Research ReportsWebsites that provide information on certain topics such as buying behavior, competitor news etc.Example: FTSE RussellNews AggregatorsAggregators gather news stories from multiple sources.Examples: Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines |MSN | Outlook, Office, Skype, Bing, Breaking News, and Latest VideosPress ReleasesWebsites publishing press releases by their company/other companies.Example: Press Release Distribution & Free Press Release Submit @ 1888 PressRelease.comStock Market NewsWebsites reporting on stock exchanges.Example: AASTOCKS.com – HK Free Stock QuoteTrade PublicationsMagazines with articles and information targeting people working in a particular industry.Examples: MARKETING Magazine Asia | Beverage World

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Klear Bundle Release: Filter Using Multiple Tags; Tracking Links With Custom Parameters; Sponsored Engagement Rate; Weekly Campaign Email

Klear has released a series of updates that improve functionality to more easily surface and compare relevant data when vetting influencers and then measuring campaigns.  What is it?  New Updates for Vetting:Filter Using Multiple Tags in Profiles: You can now filter influencers using more than one tag in Profiles to vet across categories for campaigns. You can filter for either “Any Selected Tags” or “All Selected Tags”.  Value? If you’re launching an activation that requires influencers to match more than one tag you can now filter and view them with multiple tags to expand or drill down and suit your vetting needs. Or, if you’re launching an activation that uses influencers across different categories you can select multiple tags and view any influencer that matches at least one of the tags you’ve selected.    Sponsored Engagement Rate: There is a new Instagram metric available to view the“Sponsored Content” specific engagement rate for influencers.  Value? During the vetting process, it’s important to take this into consideration and make sure you partner with influencers who create authentic branded content that sparks engagement and performs in line with their organic posts.    New Updates for Reporting:Filter Using Multiple Tags in Measure: Filter subsets of influencers using tags inMeasure to easily compare campaign results across groups and gain insights on performance. Value? If you’re running an activation with multiple subsets of influencers you will want to measure your campaign performance across all influencers and across each subset. This will help you analyze and benchmark which subsets have the most impact on your brand. Evaluating the performance of each subset will help you make strategic decisions that increase the success of future campaigns.   Tracking Links With Customer Parameters: There is a new UTM builder in Connect to make the process of creating tracking links easier and offer more flexibility for cohesive reporting. Value? Instead of using predefined parameters for all influencers or manually creating your UTM code for tracking links, you can build custom UTMs directly in your Klear campaign through Connect. You can also include custom parameters beyond these 5 to match any other reporting templates you have in place.    Weekly Campaign Email: Klear has revamped the campaign summary email to feature a new layout and include more robust stats for brands to have the most relevant campaign information summarized. Value? To help you access high-level insights and easily compile weekly or monthly updates for your larger team.    Learn more and how to use the product updates through the help center articles below: Filter Using Multiple TagsTracking Links with Custom ParametersEngagement Rate for Sponsored ContentNew and Improved Weekly Campaign   

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Reporting: Introducing new sort options for Daily Digest

You will now have additional options to adjust the sorting of your daily digest to better fit your monitoring responsibilities! What is it?You can now sort content in your Daily Digest, by selecting any of the new five different parameters/values with the option to sort the order ascending or descending to help surface the most impactful content first.These options are:Reach: displays the items with the highest viewership on top. Relevance: displays the most applicable items first. Relevance is based on an algorithm that takes the prominence, reach, and age of the article into account. Prominence: displays items by term frequency. Term frequency means how many times a particular word appears in a text, divided by how many words exist in the text. Geo: displays items by their country (the country is listed in the header of the item; some items may not be associated with one particular country). Language: groups and displays by most recent language first.  What’s the Value?You will now have additional options to modify the sorting to better fit your day to day monitoring responsibilities. For example, sorting by Reach can help surface the most impactful content from larger publications first, saving the time and effort required to manually scroll through a large amount of articles in search of articles with potentially high impact that might require action. With more customizable Daily Digests, you will be able to create relevant, accurate, and actionable reports. To learn more about daily digest options and setting up your reports - check out the Help Center Article, How do I Create or Edit a Daily Digest Report. 

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Explore: New Twitter sub-filters

Refine Twitter results with new sub-filters, including followers, demographics, tweet type, and more! What is it?7 new subfilters for Twitter results in Explore. When filtering by source type in Explore, users now have the option to go beyond just selecting Twitter, with 7 new criteria options Account: Status, Followers, Gender Tweet: Type, Retweets, Replies, Likes   What's the value?While the underlying functionality of these filters is not new, as each was technically already available via complex advanced boolean, this update puts the power directly into your hands, regardless of your boolean expertise. By expanding the filters available to you, it allows for better refinement, and ultimately, better results, allowing you to get relevant information quicker and easier. How does it work? Twitter sub-filters can be found in Explore via the Source type filter. Click the up arrow next to the source results to open the Twitter sub-filter criteria menu. The seven new criteria options are divided between Account and Tweet groups.   Account: Status: Verified, Not verified - for selecting to show Tweets from either verified(blue check mark) accounts or not verified accounts Followers: Min and Max - set an upper and lower limit for follower count of author handles in results  Gender: Unknown, Female, Male - for selecting results based on the author’s gender Tweet: Type: Original Tweet, Quoted Tweet, Replies, Retweets - filter by Tweet type  Retweets: Min and Max - set an upper and lower limit for the number of retweets a tweet has Replies: Min and Max - set an upper and lower limit for how many replies a tweet has Likes: Min and Max - set an upper and lower limit for how many likes a tweet has  

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Monitor: ‘Since Last Viewed’ date picker; ‘Favorite’ Pin; Mini Profiles: Media Relations Contacts & Twitter Authors

We are excited to launch a monitoring product release bundle, featuring three new features:  ‘Since last viewed’ date picker: What is it?  A new date picker option which displays only the content from the last time that you viewed a particular search, tag, RSS feed, or saved View in Monitor. What is the value?Quickly see the newest mentions whether toggling from search to search or carrying out routine media monitoring with a particular search, tag, RSS feed, or saved View. Save time on administrative tasks like narrowing date ranges so you can focus on other initiatives such as reporting for earned media to the stakeholders. Be the first-to-know in your organization with continued scanning of media since the last time you accessed Monitor, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and resolving issues before they become crises. Organize content more smoothly and brief stakeholders with strategically important information. ‘ Favorite ’ Pin: What is it? Now you can designate any search, tag, RSS feed or saved monitoring view as a “favorite,” pinning that item to the top of Monitor’s drop-down menu. What is the value? Narrow down results of your searches or views based on upcoming projects. Identify emerging issues quickly and early so they may be addressed - before they evolve into a crisis. Sometimes, it is a matter of seconds. Context switch faster than ever, supporting your subject-matter expertise for your clients or in-house stakeholders. Take advantage of a rapid and flexible workflow by defining an ordered list of your most important searches, Views, tags or RSS feeds. Mini Profiles - Media Relations Contacts & Twitter Authors: What is it?You can easily retrieve important information about authors directly from the content stream. By clicking on the name of journalists in our contact database and Twitter authors, you will get the highlights about that author, including: Author/contact audience size List of the recent articles that they have written Interest topics (usually indicates their area of expertise) Author social handles across other platforms, including YouTube, Instagram and TikTok Contact information (email address, phone number, physical address and more)    What is the value?Stay where you are in the content stream and get through more mentions in a timely manner Select the right author based your parameters and establish your relationship To learn more about these new Monitor features, check out our Help Center Article - Getting Started with Monitor.  

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Klear: Import Tags & Custom Variables; Customized Product Gifting; Influencer Reminders; Tik Tok Manual Upload from Feed

What is it?Import Tags & Custom Variables: Klear has updated the Influencer List Template upload capabilities to include “Tags” and “Custom” fields so all of your relevant data from external sources can be captured and centralized right in your Klear campaigns.  Customized Product Gifting: Klear now offers a new action allowing you to send influencers different products. Through the “Send Gift” action in Connect for you can designate specific items to offer for each influencer rather than providing the same options for all.  Influencer Reminders: Klear has launched new automated reminder emails for influencers. The first reminder will be sent 2 days before the due date. If the influencer has missed the deliverable date, a second reminder will be sent the following day.  Tik Tok Manual Upload from Feed: The “Select From Feed” option allows you to easily choose the relevant Tik Tok posts to add to your campaign with no need to upload any external files or type in any data.   What's the value?Import Tags & Custom Variables: Anything from hobbies, birthdays, or shirt sizes is information you want to hold close to strengthen and streamline your influencer partnerships. Now you won’t have to spend time searching through external files to find what you need. With the new tags and custom fields, you can customize exactly what information you want to be attached to each influencer, and it will be populated in their profile card within the campaign. Customized Product Gifting: For one campaign, you might send all influencers the same products, but for others you may have different products better suited to specific influencers. Now, there is a “Send Gift” action in Connect for you to designate specific items to offer for each influencer. Plus, you can revisit this action throughout a campaign to send new products if you are working with an influencer for a longer span of time. Influencer Reminders: With so many moving pieces involved with influencer campaigns, it’s easy for some details to get lost in the shuffle. To help manage this process for you, Klear has launched new automated reminder emails for influencers to help keep your campaigns on track! Tik Tok Manual Upload From Feed: Having all content and metrics accessible from a campaign is critical for brands to track the progress and evaluate the success of their influencer campaigns. This new option matches our existing capabilities with Instagram uploads, and populates an influencer’s full TikTok feed for you to select your posts to include in your campaign. Learn more and how to use the product updates through the help center articles below: Influencer Tags & Custom VariablesTik Tok Manual Upload from FeedCustomized Product GiftingInfluencer Reminders 

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Engage: Reply with Asset for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn via Conversations

Personalize your social responses with media via access to the Asset Library in Conversations.What is it?You can now add assets (images, videos, and GIFs) to comments and replies via Conversations in Engage! Upload directly from your computer, pull from the asset library, or use one of the built-in integrations to add images, videos, or gifs directly to fan comments and replies for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. What's the value?Community management is all about connection and engagement with your audience. Therefore, choosing what to say and how to say it is critical. While text and emojis may be the simplest ways to communicate with your audience online, visual media (think images, videos, and gifs) offer an additional way to express emotion and personality, share information, and connect with your audience on a more personal level.  Using the Add asset option in conversations, you can now include pre-approved, on-brand media in your responses. How does it work?  Within conversations, when commenting and replying to fans on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, the comment box will now include a + (add) icon.  Within this icon will be two options: Add asset Saved responses  Selecting Add asset will open the same filestack uploader present in Publish, giving users the option to upload files directly from their computer, Meltwater asset library, or one of 7 integrations.   Once the asset is selected (limit one per response), click upload.   The asset will appear in the comment box at the top, and users can continue writing their responses.   Post them appear in the preview and native with text on top, and image below.  To learn more check out our Help Center Article, Manage Social Post with Engage Conversations. 

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Content Update: Content Analysis Card in the Universal Content Stream

The Content Analysis Card helps you qualify and identify relevant content faster by surfacing the top entities, entity-level sentiment, author profile, and Twitter engagement in one consolidated view. What is it?The Content Analysis Card delivers you previously unsurfaced enrichments and analytics for editorial articles and Twitter posts. Upon clicking the analytics icon, the Content Analysis Card shows the document’s related entities, entity-level sentiment, potential reach, author profile and social engagement.  In the Content analysis card you can find:For editorial content with reach: A preview of the article with a link to it Overall sentiment with a breakdown for the top entities Potential reach  For Twitter posts: Author’s biography and number of followers Social engagement metrics including likes and retweets, as well as a threaded comment view Total sentiment with a sentiment breakdown for the top entities Replies, quote tweets, and retweets under the Engagement tab   What’s the Value?The Content Analysis Card helps you qualify and identify relevant content faster by surfacing the top entities, entity-level sentiment, author profile, and social engagement in one consolidated view. The Content Analysis Card can help you: Build newsletters and brief stakeholders Organize content for your earned media analysis Monitor for crises Research your market and scan for mentions of competitive brands  To learn more about how to use the Content Analysis Card - check out the article HERE.  

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Explore: New ‘Filtered mentions’ via the Topic Analysis tab

New ‘Filtered Mentions’ via the Topic Analysis tab allows you to quickly view the mentions fueling a specific metric.   What is it?Filtered mentions is a new ‘in context’ view allowing you to quickly view the mentions for any metric, without altering your search results via boolean, filters, or refreshing. Filtered mentions are available within the Topic Analysis tab of Explore.  What's the value?Now, with Filtered mentions, you can uncover the mentions driving these metrics, with a single click.Uncover the mentions behind each metric, word, and chart for deeper insights. Keep your place while you search through the mentions by leaving your original search query untouched. How Does it Work? Within Topic Analysis, click on any* word or chart, to open a new content stream to the right of the screen, that automatically filters for only those results.  The Filtered mentions content stream features search and boolean tips by showing what filters or boolean strings can be applied to your search to update your total search results to only those in the Filtered mentions content stream. The Filtered mentions content stream includes all the same features as the main content stream, including search, bulk actions, filtering, downloads, and more! To learn more about Filtered Mentions, check out the Help Center article HERE.   

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Integration: Smart Alerts Generic Webhook

Introducing a new delivery method to receive your Meltwater Alerts - a Generic Webhook! What is it?Nearly all organizations use some form of a collaboration tool to conduct business. Meltwater has supported direct integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and DingTalk. But what if you don’t use one of these messaging services? Are you able to receive alerts as well? Yes! Meltwater has taken the next step in our integration plans - a Generic Webhook. A webhook in web development is a method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a web page or web application with custom callbacks. To simplify, it’s how one app can send an automated message to another app. In this instance, it allows Meltwater to send Smart Alerts to other apps. Using an automation platform such as Zapier, Make, or IFTT (If This Than That), you can connect to Discord, Google Chat, and many more! Using the generic webhook, also allows you to have the ability to receive alerts directly to an API (configuration required).  What's the value? By enabling this integration right from within Meltwater, you can now receive automated, AI-powered alerts sent directly to your preferred channels. Having a centralized channel with all Alerts flowing in will allow your team to better collaborate and act on business-critical news, market shifts/trends, and competitive intelligence. Since there is no limit on either the number of connections or connections per channel, you are able to customize your integrations directly into the channels you are already working in.   To learn more and for step by step instructions, check out our Help Center Article, Set up Alerts with a Generic Webhook Integration.  

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Klear: Language filter for TikTok and Instagram Search + Mark Recruit Questions as Required

Language Filter for TikTok and Instagram SearchWhen searching for Influencers to build a campaign, there are several filters that help narrow down your results to the perfect match, such as influence, location, and more. Now, you have a new filter option: Language. Currently, you can identify and categorize the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.  Mark Recruit Questions as RequiredYou now have the ability to create customizable recruit forms, that beautifully promote ambassador programs and help you collaborate with your clients. Recruit form capabilities have been updated and allow you to mark specific custom questions as required. Perfect for capturing information crucial to the screening process for potential ambassadors.  What's the value?Language Filter for TikTok and Instagram Search - When searching for influencers, it’s important to not only understand what someone posts, and where they live, but also what language they post in. When attempting to expand into new markets, or reach different cohorts, posting in their native language, rather than defaulting to English, is crucial when building loyalty and connection. Mark Recruit Questions as Required - If a question is optional, that gives an applicant the opportunity to not answer. However, there are times when a specific question is imperative to understand if this applicant is right for your ambassador campaign or not. By requiring an answer, you can save time by easily sorting through respondents based on their responses, and ensuring you get the crucial information you need from each applicant.

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