Integration: Smart Alerts Generic Webhook

Introducing a new delivery method to receive your Meltwater Alerts - a Generic Webhook! What is it?Nearly all organizations use some form of a collaboration tool to conduct business. Meltwater has supported direct integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and DingTalk. But what if you don’t use one of these messaging services? Are you able to receive alerts as well? Yes! Meltwater has taken the next step in our integration plans - a Generic Webhook. A webhook in web development is a method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a web page or web application with custom callbacks. To simplify, it’s how one app can send an automated message to another app. In this instance, it allows Meltwater to send Smart Alerts to other apps. Using an automation platform such as Zapier, Make, or IFTT (If This Than That), you can connect to Discord, Google Chat, and many more! Using the generic webhook, also allows you to have the ability to receive alerts directly to an API (configuration required).  What's the value? By enabling this integration right from within Meltwater, you can now receive automated, AI-powered alerts sent directly to your preferred channels. Having a centralized channel with all Alerts flowing in will allow your team to better collaborate and act on business-critical news, market shifts/trends, and competitive intelligence. Since there is no limit on either the number of connections or connections per channel, you are able to customize your integrations directly into the channels you are already working in.   To learn more and for step by step instructions, check out our Help Center Article, Set up Alerts with a Generic Webhook Integration.  

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Klear: Language filter for TikTok and Instagram Search + Mark Recruit Questions as Required

Language Filter for TikTok and Instagram SearchWhen searching for Influencers to build a campaign, there are several filters that help narrow down your results to the perfect match, such as influence, location, and more. Now, you have a new filter option: Language. Currently, you can identify and categorize the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.  Mark Recruit Questions as RequiredYou now have the ability to create customizable recruit forms, that beautifully promote ambassador programs and help you collaborate with your clients. Recruit form capabilities have been updated and allow you to mark specific custom questions as required. Perfect for capturing information crucial to the screening process for potential ambassadors.  What's the value?Language Filter for TikTok and Instagram Search - When searching for influencers, it’s important to not only understand what someone posts, and where they live, but also what language they post in. When attempting to expand into new markets, or reach different cohorts, posting in their native language, rather than defaulting to English, is crucial when building loyalty and connection. Mark Recruit Questions as Required - If a question is optional, that gives an applicant the opportunity to not answer. However, there are times when a specific question is imperative to understand if this applicant is right for your ambassador campaign or not. By requiring an answer, you can save time by easily sorting through respondents based on their responses, and ensuring you get the crucial information you need from each applicant.

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Introducing the Meltwater Chrome Extension

What is Meltwater Chrome Extension? The Meltwater Chrome Extension is your media monitoring companion tool for scanning content on the web outside of the Meltwater platform. You can capture, organize, and tag content from your web browser to Meltwater with the click of a button. We know that most PR pros rely on multiple tools for monitoring media and ensuring nothing slips through the cracks, including Google Alerts or industry-specific newsletters. By working alongside you, the Meltwater Chrome Extension saves you time and stitches together your media monitoring stack, and establishes a central source of truth for reporting accuracy and consistency.The Meltwater Chrome extension allows you to easily tag and/or add content from the web to your Meltwater account. The extension can be downloaded directly from the Chrome store, and when pinned to the browser toolbar, offers one-click access to tagging and adding content directly into Meltwater!Why Should I use Meltwater Chrome Extension? The Meltwater Chrome Extension saves time and stitches together your media monitoring stack, establishing a central source of truth for reporting accuracy and consistency.The chrome extension will reduce time to value by meeting you where you are organically working, allowing you the ability to tag and add content quickly from your browser tab, without needing to flip back and forth between the article and Meltwater. For example, when organically doing your news scan, with the chrome extension installed, you can quickly tag an article or post (or add it) without having to break your workflow to open Meltwater in another tab, lookup the same article again, then go through the tagging process. The chrome extension will also allow you to 'Add Content' while discovering it elsewhere, outside Meltwater. All in all, the Chrome extension serves as a tool for you to navigate faster workarounds, without having to lean on your reps or support teams, and with far fewer clicks.  What does this mean for you? Ditch the copy and paste, work faster - The Chrome Extension auto-captures the article title, journalist name, summary, image, and hyperlink, eliminating the need to manually copy and paste and work across multiple screens. Stitch together your media monitoring stack and establish a single source truth for reporting accuracy and consistency - The Meltwater Chrome extension works alongside your daily monitoring workflows and centralizes all tagged and added content in the Meltwater app for greater reporting accuracy and consistency. Make sure nothing slips through the cracks - News breaks every second. Though Meltwater captures nearly all of it, the Chrome extension gives you immediate, full confidence articles are found in Meltwater when others come looking for them.  Visit the Google Chrome store to install the extension for free today!Visit the help center to learn more

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Monitor Enhancements and Inbox Sunset

Monitor your brand mentions, competitors, and industry trends, within the same omnichannel view.  Monitor is the central hub for consuming content and actioning insights. These latest enhancements make it even easier. Latest enhancements include:  Increase in the number of streams, as well as inputs per stream to 5 each. An updated, more intuitive workflow for adding, and editing, streams The ability to save, load, and manage multiple Monitor ‘views’. A new drop-down menu, similar to Inbox, allows users to easily switch between saved views. Last hour is now available in the date picker. New color-chip icons on inputs, plus drop-down menus per input When selecting a single input, a new focused, one-stream view, more closely matching Inbox is available.What does this mean for you? Increased Productivity - Save, load, and manage multiple Monitor views, allowing for more organization, customization, and collaboration, with easy view switching via a new drop-down menu. Reduced Time-to-Value - Introducing a more intuitive workflow for adding, and editing streams, and inputs. With new color-coded input chips, and the ability to update input options on the fly in two clicks. Monitor More - Increases inputs to 5 per stream, and increases the number of streams per monitor to 5 per view, allowing for 177% increase in inputs per single view.  Inbox sunsetWith these latest enhancements, we are now able to successfully sunset Inbox in Q4, 2022. Visit the help center to learn more

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New Topic Analysis tab in Explore, plus new Analytics tab widgets

Topic Analysis is an exploratory research tool designed to help you understand the underlying meaning of the topics within your results.Topic Analysis allows you to go beyond the volume of results, or where conversations are taking place, and drill further into what the general topics and tenor are related to results. This provides you the ability to find deeper context to the results you see, and better understand how the results are being talked about within separate topics.Topic Analysis is a complementary tool to be used with the Overview and Analytics tabs in Explore. The Topic Analysis tab offers the following new widgets: Topic Breakdown Total Mentions Top Topics Top Entities Top Keyword Sentiment Sentiment Sentiment Trend Sentiment by Source Top Scenes and Objects Top Hashtags Emotional ComparisonWhat does this mean for you? Understand what is driving the narrative and how people are speaking about topics of interest to you. Segment data based on product, people, organizations & locations. Leverage visual insights to go beyond keyword based analysis. Powered by topic-based categorization that automatically categorizes content using industry leading taxonomy across 370 categories and granular insights into entities and their sentiment The Analytics tab in Explore has also received new widgets: Total Engagement Most Engaged Content Top Editorial Sources Top Shared LinksVisit the help center to learn more

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AI-Powered Company Search in Explore

What is Company Search?Company Search suggests and auto-generates a query comprising all relevant brand mentions, social handles, and known aliases. What does it mean for you? Save time, work faster - Company Search lessens the need for writing boolean, pathing you to insights faster. Gain a more accurate picture - Gain a more accurate picture of your brand, market, and competitors by capturing all known and relevant brand mentions. High-quality results for novice users - AI-powered search helps novice users arrive at high-quality search results.  Why should I use Company Search?Entity company search aims to make it easier to set up Meltwater searches about a company.  Now you only have to type the name of the company you wish to search for, rather than needing multiple ANDs and ORs. In addition, you will see suggestions for companies as we have a huge database of companies loaded and ready for you to search. How does this work? When a company is loaded, and the search is launched, a query is automatically generated that combines the company name, social media handles, stock tickers, and visual content (i.e. company logo) to find all relevant matches of the company. The Entity Company search connects the most extensive knowledge graph in the industry—over 14M companies across 194 countries—with the most comprehensive set of owned and earned editorial, social, and broadcast data. This improves search accuracy and provides expert-level search results.. With company search, testing shows that search results are 52% more precise for company names that are also commonly-used words, such as Apple, Square, and Amazon, and additionally include content where the company logo is present, without a text mention.Visit the help center to learn more

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Full TikTok Support in Engage: Publish, Conversations, & Social Analytics!

Meltwater is excited to announce support for TikTok in both Conversations and Publish! Moderate TikTok comments and replies via Conversations. Create, schedule, approve, and post to TikTok accounts via Publish. This completes Meltwater’s TikTok offering with full support in Engage via Conversations, Publish, and Social Analytics!   Social ConnectionsTikTok profiles work the same as any other social channel in terms of connecting them to Meltwater via the Owned Connections tab of Social Connections.  TikTok is now the sixth (6th) social profile available to connect.  Only Admins can connect the accounts The TikTok account must be a Business Account. The user connecting the channel to Meltwater must also be able to access the TikTok account via a web browser.  We automatically backload 60 days for channel/profile metrics and 1 year for videos. Connections last 365 days  Conversations TikTok can be seen on the filter bar, in the Accounts section.   TikTok content has also been added to the Message Types Filter. By default, Brand Posts are not included. When included in filters, TikTok content will appear with the other native channel data in the content stream.  When a user clicks on TikTok content in the left pane, the thread will load along with the parent post, just like the other channels.   Once a user has loaded the content in the details thread, they can respond to that content using the same method as the other native channels. This includes: Using the Comment Box Using the inline reply feature Using the saved responses feature  Liking comments and replies are not supported via the API.  The following internal message actions are supported for TikTok: Marking as Complete Assign Tagging Share Content  *Tiktok does not allow for the assigning of sentiment to its content. All content will come in as ‘Not Rated’ and users will not be able to change this sentiment. For further assistance, see these help center articles:   Manage your Social Posts with Engage Conversations Conversations: What Options are Channel-specific in Engage?  PublishTikTok can be seen on the filter bar, in the Accounts section.  TikTok is also represented on posts on the calendar.  To publish to TikTok on the Engage Publish page, select Create Content > Post, or click on the calendar.  Select the TikTok account to publish to and then click next in the bottom right corner.  Note: TikTok only allows posts to one account at a time, just like Twitter and YouTube.   Select Compose your post, the following pop-up window will appear to format your post  Within the TikTok-specific composer, the following options are available: Optional SettingsDescription Allow Comments - users will be able to comment on your TikTok video Allow Duet - users will be able to post your video side-by-side with another video. You must have a public account to allow others to Duet with your videos Allow Stitch - users will be able to use a part of your video as a part of their own video   Post preview includes TikTok icons and formatting.    TikTok offers the same functionality as other channels in Publish regarding edit, tag, assign, clone, export, etc. For further assistance, see these help center articles:  How to Create A New Social Post in Publish Publish: What Options are Channel-specific For Meltwater Engage?  Social Analytics You’ll find a new TikTok overview card on the Analyze landing page.It is also selectable from the template dropdown: This new TikTok overview template is designed to showcase the fans, reach, and engagement metrics of your connected TikTok channel and your content. Includes both channel and video/post metrics Export to PDF, Excel, and Scheduled PDFs  Widgets and Visualizations metric definitions Total fans - The total number of followers your accounts have during the selected period New fans - The number of new people that have followed your accounts Total engagements - The number of Reactions, Comments, and Shares on your channel’s videos for the selected period. Total posts - The total number of posts published to your  accounts Total profile views - The total number of times your profiles were viewed in the selected period Total video views - The total number of times your account's videos were viewed in the selected period Post reach - The total number of unique users who watched your videos. Breakdown of your total followers & growth - The total number of daily followers vs the net new followers per day This is the content type breakdown of your posts vs engagements - The number of posts per day vs the engagements. Profile views - The total number of times your channel's profile has been viewed during the selected period Video views - The total number of times your account's videos were viewed in the selected period Post reach - The total number of unique users who watched your videos. The values are attributed to the time/date of the post Avg. video watch rate - Percentage of views that completed watching the full video. The average across videos posted in the selected period Total time watched - The total amount of time people spent watching your videos Avg. time watched -The average amount of time people spent watching your videos Avg. post engagement rate - The number of likes, comments, and shares of your videos, as a percentage of the number of unique users who watched them Audience countries - The total number of followers averaged over the past 60 days. Data is available only for accounts with more than 100 followers Audience gender - The breakdown of your followers by gender. Here is when your audience is active - The number of followers who are active and scrolling by time of the day. Data is available only for accounts with more than 100 followers  Post/Video metrics Likes - The total number of likes the video has received. Comments - The total number of comments the video has received. Shares - The total number of times the video has been shared. Engagements - The number of Reactions, Comments, and Shares the video has received. Video views  - The total number of views the video has received. Engagement rate - Total engagements as a percentage of the impressions. Engagements (Reactions + Comments + Shares) / Video views * 100 Reach - The number of unique people who saw the video. Video duration  - The length of the video post in minutes and seconds (or hours, minutes, and seconds). Full video watch rate avg. - Percentage of views that completed watching the full video. Total time watched - The total number of minutes the video has been watched. Average watch time -The average amount of seconds that people viewed the video. 'For you' video views - Video views originating from a user’s ‘For You’ feed. ‘Following’ video views - Video views originating from a user’s ‘Follow’ feed. ‘Hashtag’ video views - Video views originating from a hashtag search. ‘Sound’ video views - Video views originating from a search for the video’s sound. ‘Profile’ video views - Video views originating from users visiting your profile page. ‘Discovery’ video views - Video views originating from a search on ‘Discovery’ section. For further assistance, see these help center articles:  Get Started with Owned Social Analytics Learn the Social Analytics Metrics Definitions

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LinkedIn Owned Data in Explore

What is it? Engage and Explore customers can now see their owned LinkedIn posts and comments in Explore searches and dashboards!  LinkedIn is now its own selection under the source type filter for Explore customers with a connected LinkedIn company page in Engage/Social Analytics. If an owned parent post is pulled into a search via keywords, all the comments on that post will also be pulled into the search even if they do not match the keywords. This allows you to understand the full conversation happening on your posts. What’s the value?  This is the first time LinkedIn data has been made available in Explore!By showcasing owned and earned data in a single search, you will be able to better understand the conversations happening around your brand and industry and how your owned posts may be driving those conversations. This functionality expands the current owned channel data supported in Explore to three channels: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn How does it work?  Explore customers with Engage/Social analytics, and a connected LinkedIn company page will have their owned LinkedIn posts and comments automatically included in search results. You may use Advanced boolean to isolate owned LinkedIn data, to either include or exclude it, with this string: :”urn:li:organization:#######” For this boolean string, you will need your LinkedIn page ID. The LinkedIn page ID can be found in the admin URL for the page.  You may also want to include/exclude all data from owned Engage/Social Analytics connections. The metaData.provider.type:"socialconnections" boolean allows you to filter for owned Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn content, together. This can be used as either an AND statement, to isolate this data, or a NOT statement, to exclude it.  Visit the help center to learn more

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Explore Search Improvements

We’ve been working on making improvements to our Explore search experience, by expanding and upgrading some already available features.  Expanded search for emojis  We have extended support for searching for emojis via the in title, content, and ingress boolean operators. You can now search for emojis within specific areas of a result. e.g title: 🙂.  Learn more  Extended support for punctuation and currency Extended support for punctuation by handling more punctuation marks which will provide better recall. Expanded support for international currency symbols: ƒ, ℳ, 元, 円, 圆, 圓, ḯ, ₺, ₻, ₼, ₽, ₾, ₿, e.g searching for bitcoin symbol, ₿ return results with that symbol.  Learn more  Improved handling of Full-width/Half-width characters Searches including Full-with/Half- width characters, e.g Cat/cat,  are now handled identically which makes it easier to search since you no longer need to explicitly search for both variations. This change provides better recall since searching for example cat will also include search results for Cat, and vice versa.   Expanded handling of apostrophes Some people may not know, but there are different types of apostrophes. Most noticeable when copy/pasting text into Meltwater. We have removed the dependency on the type of apostrophe used, and both types are treated equal: curly apostrophes/quotes ( ’ ) or straight apostrophes/quotes ( ' ) ’ or ´ Example: When searching for women`s, documents that contain women`s and women's will now be included in search results.   Upgraded support for searches in Thai, Khmer, Lao (Laotian), and Myanmar We’ve upgraded search results for Thai, Khmer, Lao (Laotian), and Myanmar languages in Explore results.  Learn more  Wildcard performance optimizationWe have also done some search optimizations related to wildcards that will make results run and return faster. Learn more 

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