Klear: Manage Account Attributes + Customize My Influencers Using New Social Stats

Two new updates for Klear help you stay organized and make more informed partnership decisionsManage Account Attributes What is it and what’s the value? Learn more in the Help Center: Customize My Influencers Using New Social Stats What is it and what’s the value?​​​​​​​ Learn more in the Help Center:   Manage Account AttributesWhat is it and what’s the value?Stay organized with one place to access and manage all of your tags, email templates, custom variables, and campaign labels through the new Attributes tab located in Account Settings.Save time and streamline your workflow: instead of jumping between different areas of Klear to keep your attributes accurate and up to date, there is now one centralized location for all account attributes.  Learn more in the Help Center:Managing Your Attributes ​​​​​​​Customize My Influencers Using New Social StatsWhat is it and what’s the value?​​​​​​​The column customization widget in the My Influencers table view has b een updated to include a new Social Stats section.You can now display crucial metrics such a reach and engagement on priority platforms, to help make more informed decisions when evaluating your network and planning collaborations.  BONUS: If you select the General Notes option in Your Attributes you can also display your influencer notes and create new ones directly from this view!  Learn more in the Help Center:Managing Your Influencer Network

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Analyze: Introducing Dashboard Templates 📊

Discover Dashboard templates pre-filled with Insights, powered by up to 10 searches or tags, and including up to 25 insights and 5 tabs. Customize them for your reporting needs! 📊 📈 What is it and what’s the value?Build comprehensive earned media Dashboards quickly, with new Dashboard templates ✨Choose from a selection of templates pre-loaded with insights. The new templates include:Brand Report: Understand and report on brand awareness using metrics such as number of mentions, reach, sentiment, coverage by market, and key themes. Benchmark Report: Compare brands, topics, or competitors to understand their share of voice across mentions, reach, sentiment, coverage by market, and key themes. Campaign Report: Analyze and report on mentions from your campaign across various media types, engagement levels, and reach. Highlight the key coverage achieved.Simply choose your template and select up to 10 inputs (searches or tags) to power the Dashboard. The best part? You no longer need to configure each insight!​​​​​​​Previously, each insight added to a Dashboard required assigning searches and configuring insights. Now, you create a functional Dashboard powered with insights in just a few clicks! These templates are available right on the Analyze landing page, so you can get your Dashboard up and running in a flash! These new templates are built from industry knowledge and based on customer feedback, to offer a stepping stone into creating industry-leading impactful reports.   Notes & Callouts:The current Earned Media Measurement (EMM) template will take you to the classic EMM Dashboards, which are less customizable than the new Dashboards. We plan on rebuilding the EMM template to allow the same level of customization in the coming months. While you can still create Classic Dashboards today, we have been working hard to ensure all critical classic features are available in new dashboards. Fun fact: over 55% of all Dashboards being viewed in Meltwater are new Dashboards! Learn more in the Help Center:Getting Started with Analyze > Creating a Dashboard

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Engage: Meta Updates to Facebook Metrics

Exciting news from the digital frontiers: Meta is making changes to their Facebook metrics in its native reporting and API! March 2024 marks the debut of some key changes in the way we analyze our social media success. If you're keen to dive deeper, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and explore their original announcement. Now, let's chat about what this means for Engage. The deprecation only impacts three metrics in Engage:‘Page fans by gender and age’ has become ‘Impressions by age and gender’ ‘Page fans by gender and age’ provided the demographics of people following your page. It is being replaced by the new ‘Impressions by age and gender’ metric. ‘Impressions by age and gender’ will now provide the demographics of people viewing your posts. You can expect ‘Impressions by age and gender’ to be a smaller number compared to ‘Page fans by gender and age.’ Though smaller, we believe this metric will be more insightful and dynamic as it looks at the people consuming your content. By comparison, the demographic of Page followers are not likely to change significantly over time. The updated metric will impact the Facebook Overview templates (both legacy and in Measure). ‘Page-engaged users’ has become ‘Post-engaged users’ ‘Page-engaged users’ provided engagement activity at the Page level for a given time frame.  The new ‘Post-engaged users’ provides engagement activity at the post level for all posts published within a given time frame. What’s the key difference? There’s nuance here. ‘Page-engaged users’ did not consider the publish date of posts. So, for example, let’s say your time frame is the past 7 days. If a post published 12 months ago received engagement in the past 7 days, the ‘Page-engaged users’ metric would capture it. Differently, ‘Post-engaged users’ only captures activity from posts published within the past 7 days.  The updated metric will impact the Facebook Overview templates (both legacy and in Measure). Engagement rate has been recalculated Facebook recently recalculated the engagement rate in its native reporting. Previously, it was calculated by dividing total engagement by post-engaged users. Now, It calculates it by dividing total engagements by reach. We have recalculated our engagement rate to match Facebook’s new formula (total engagements divided by reach). The change will drive greater consistency between the reporting you do across native and in Engage. The updated calculation will impact the Cross-Channel Overview and Facebook Overview templates (both legacy and in Measure). The changes went into effect on March 21, 2024, and only impact data from March 21, 2024 onward. Historical Data Updates But wait, there's more!We will now store historical data across Conversations, Publish, and Measure for as long as you are a customer. Previously, on average, we stored and surfaced data for no longer than 15 months. *This will continue to be 15 months for X/Twitter replies and mentions. Going beyond 15 months of data will help you in a number of ways. You’ll be able to run reports looking at your performance over multiple years, revisit an old thread with a loyal fan, or view analytics of your best-performing posts from years past. 

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Meltwater: Sensitive Content Warning in Image Previews + Highest Syndicated Article Default View

Two updates this week to improve your content previewing experience!Sensitive Content Warning in Image Previews Highest Syndicated Article Default View  Sensitive Content Warning in Image PreviewsNow you can decide what you want to se, and what you don’t when scrolling through previews What is it and what’s the value?Introducing a “Possibly Sensitive” content warning on article or post previews.Within Meltwater, a small percentage of content is recognized as potentially sensitive. We’re empowering users by adding a blur to the content preview, which can be exposed by clicking “show” Users are warned if the content might not be suitable. For PR and Marketing pros in high-risk industries, or those prone to large amounts of spam, sensitive content like violence or NSFW images can be automatically blurred Available for content in Explore, Analyze, Monitor, and Author Segments   Learn more in the Help Center:Getting Started with Explore  Highest Syndicated Article Default ViewEasily understand which article made the biggest impact in a group of syndicates, with Highest Syndicated Reach now available on editorial article previews in Meltwater What is it and what’s the value?The article with the highest reach is now surfaced on the top article in a duplicate set.Previously, relevant content could be overlooked due to large duplicate groupings Understand which article likely had the highest impact measured by reach at-a-glance, and action it without expanding to see duplicates Visible on editorial articles in Explore, Analyze, Monitor, Media Relations, and Author Segments   Learn more in the Help Center:Getting Started with Monitor

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Analyze: Upload an Image in Dashboards + Remove Words from Word Cloud

Two updates to Dashboard insights help you deliver more valuable and relevant insights to stakeholders Upload an Image in Dashboards Remove Words from Word Cloud  Upload an Image in DashboardsNow, you can upload an image directly into your Dashboard, without using an external link generator 🖼️ What is it?Introducing a highly requested feature: the option to upload a PNG, JPG, or GIF file directly into your Dashboard using the Custom Image Insight. What’s the value?Now, you can upload an image to display your brand logo, the Dashboard’s initiative, or apply it to your slide background in Dashboard Reports. Stay in Meltwater: You no longer have to sign up with external imag-hosting sites to create image links when adding your images in Dashboards.   Learn more in the Help Center:Get Started with Analyze > Building your own Dashboards  Remove Words from Word CloudCustomize the words and phrases displayed in your word cloud insights with ease! What is it?Before this update, word clouds sometimes contained redundant or irrelevant words to the report, making the word cloud less valuable for reporting to stakeholders.Now, you can remove repeated or irrelevant words/phrases in Insights that use the word cloud visualization. Hover over the word cloud options to see which words have been removed. What’s the value?Craft your narrative and report on metrics that matter with added control over the words in your word cloud. Want to bring a word back in? Reduce confusion and maintain more control in the file result with the option to bring back any hidden words.  Learn more in the Help Center:Get Started with Analyze > Building your own Dashboards

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Klear: New Ways to Send Mass Email + Campaign Planning Mode

2 Klear Updates to save you time and deepen your insights: New Ways to Send Mass Email Campaign Planning Mode  New Ways to Send Mass EmailWhat is it?Formerly, Mass Email Outreach could only be initiated through Recruit. Now, you can also send Mass Email Outreach directly from Discovery search results or from the My Influencers database.What’s the value?🪜 Eliminate extra steps in the process and bypass having to create recipient lists through tags and CSV uploads 🏃 Outreach faster by sending emails directly from your current workflow rather than switching tabs to take action 📨 Remove barriers and make it easy to send Mass Emails from highly trafficked areas of Klear  Learn more in the Help Center:Klear: Scale Your Outreach with Mass Email  Campaign Planning ModeWhat is it?With so many moving pieces in influencer campaigns, it's easy for details to get lost in the shuffle. Even with a small group of influencers, teams need a system to plan and track deliverables. Leverage our new Campaign Planning tab to help teams stay focused and on track.The new Campaign Planning Mode now includes three views:Deliverables: Add, manage, and track influencer deliverables through a visual monthly campaign calendar Predictive: Predict campaign success and see expected results based on assigned deliverables. Set realistic goals with stakeholders before your campaign goes live using predictive data Demographics: Ensure your content is set to reach your intended audience with a view into aggregated audience demographics from the influencers in your campaign.What’s the value?​​​​​​​📢 Make sure you reach your intended audience with your campaign influencers and creators 🥅 Set realistic goals and evaluate strategy with data-driven insights specific to your campaign  Learn more in the Help Center:Klear: Campaign Planning Mode

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