Engage + Klear Update

Engage + Klear: Unify your owned and influencer efforts to drive better results on social

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Engage + Klear: Unify your owned and influencer efforts to drive better results on social

Despite their focus on similar goals, few companies coordinate and connect their influencer marketing and owned social efforts.

Now, with two new Engage + Klear integrations, marketers can better align their marketing efforts across owned and influencer, from a single source. Both of these releases are immediately available for Klearwater (Klear + Engage) customers! 🎉


Influencer Generated Content (IGC) in Discover

Unlock the full potential of Influencer Generated Content (IGC) to enhance audience engagement and ensure strategy coherence.

Now, Klear campaigns are seamlessly integrated into Discover Content in the Engage Asset Library, empowering you to effortlessly repurpose proven influencer content into your owned campaigns.


Influencer Campaign Dashboard in Measure

Explore key metrics like average engagement rate, total reach, and top influencers with the Influencer Campaign Dashboard in Measure.

Compare these insights against your owned content performance in the same report, to craft a cohesive and effective marketing strategy that resonates with your audience.


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Thanks for the update @Jacinda Espinosa! I have an Explore license and a saved search, however nothing is appearing for me in Discover Content. Is there another step I need to do in order to make it work?  

Hey @Saira Manns - great question! Please forgive me if this is a stupid question, but are you following the steps listed in the Help Center article? If so, do you mean that the Discover Content tile is completely missing from your Engage home page, or do you mean none of your saved Explore searches show up in the dropdown menu? (I’m attaching a screenshot to make it as clear as possible which dropdown I’m talking about, since I know that’s vague)



Hey @Jacinda Espinosa  thanks for replying! To clarify - I can see the Discover Content tile, but there is no dropdown menu with my saved Explore searches to choose from.

Here’s an example of some of my saved searches - I’d particularly want to be looking at the Social search:


Thanks for following up, @Saira Manns! I’m checking in with your account manager right now to make sure that you have access to UGC on your package. I know there are some Explore for Media Intelligence accounts that don’t have this, but I don’t know at a glance if yours is one of them, so I need to confirm that before I can answer for sure one way or the other. I’ll share next steps with you as soon as I know what the best channel for that will be 🙏

Hey @Saira Manns - apologies for the delay on this! As you may or may not know, your Customer Success Manager was OOO and I really needed to connect with her to get more info. I still don’t know why you’re missing  the Discover Content tile (this is a bit outside my wheelhouse, in case you can’t tell 😅), but expect to hear from your CSM soon, she let me know she would be connecting with you to dig into this together.

If anyone else is missing this functionality in the app but you believe you should have it, I recommend reaching out to your rep to get to the bottom of it! If you need help connecting with the right person for your account, please don’t hesitate to let me know and I’m happy to put you in touch with the right person to answer your questions 🙏