🏆 March Boolean Competition 🏆

  • 23 February 2023
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🏆 March Boolean Competition 🏆
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This competition has closed, winners announced in comments. Our next competition (with new prizes) has been launched HERE - be sure to enter! 


Are you ready to put your Boolean skills to the test? Join us in a new Boolean Competition among your fellow Community members. 


How do I Enter? 

  • Join the Boolean Academy Wizards Group

  • Review the Boolean scenario posted below 

  • Reply to this thread with your best Boolean Search Suggestion (No peeking 🧐 at other responses before posting)


How do I Win? 

  • Once you reply to this thread you will be entered in a prize drawing

  • 1 lucky winner will be picked  🎉


What can I Win? 

  •  Be the Office Hero - Win a Team Pizza Party! 



We’ll have a Pizza lunch delivered to your office (or location of choice) to be shared with your teammates. Limit 5 pizzas + drinks. 



Competition Timeline: 

  • Entries can be made Today, February 23rd - Tuesday, March 28th. 

  • The winners will be drawn and announced Wednesday, March 29th.




Drumroll 🥁 please…. Without further ado your next Boolean Scenario: 


The 🍀 St. Patrick's Festival Group 🍀 is excited to host their yearly St. Patrick’s Celebration March 16 - 19 in Dublin, Ireland. The group wants to monitor the success of this year’s festival by tracking all news and social media mentions around the celebration. With St. Patrick's celebrations happening around the world - the group wants to ensure they only see mentions specific to the St. Patrick’s Festival in Dublin, Ireland. 


This year’s festival includes the world-famous St. Patrick's Day Parade, in addition to events at Festival Quarter at the iconic National Museum of Ireland Collins Barracks, including the best in music, dance, circus, conversation, spectacle, food and drink and so much more. 


What Boolean would you suggest? Reply with your boolean string suggestion on this thread. 


Note: I will share the recommended Boolean with you via Private Message after your entry. 

Don’t forget to join the Boolean Academy Wizards Group!  You can practice your boolean skills before entry plus check out additional training resources to help you out in the competition. 

Who’s ready to compete? 

Good luck! 

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(event: "St Patrick’s Celebration" OR St. Patrick’s Day Parade) AND (("Dublin, Ireland" AND (("Festival Quarter" or "National Museum of Ireland Collins Barracks") AND ("music" OR “dance” OR “circus” OR “food” OR “drink”)))

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((infoType:“news” OR infoType:“social”) AND (“St. Patrick’s Day” OR “St. Patrick’s celebrat*” OR “St. Patricks Parade”) AND (“Dublin, Ireland” OR (“Dublin” NEAR/5 “Ireland”) OR “Festival Quarter” OR “National Museum of Ireland Collins Barracks”))

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((infoType:“news” OR infoType:“social”) AND (“St. Paddy’s Day” OR “Saint Paddy’s Day” OR “St Paddys Day” OR “St. Patrick’s Day” OR “Saint Patrick’s Day” OR “St Patricks Day” OR “St. Patrick’s celebrat*” OR “Saint Paddy’s celebrat*” OR “Saint Patrick’s celebrat*”) AND (“Dublin, Ireland” OR (“Dublin” NEAR/5 “Ireland”) OR “St. Patrick's Day Parade” OR “Saint Patrick's Day Parade” OR “St Patricks Day Parade” OR “Festival Quarter” OR “National Museum of Ireland Collins Barracks”))

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  (((St OR Saint) ONEAR (Paddy OR Patrick)) AND (Day OR Festival OR Celebrat* OR Parade OR Feast))
  (hashtag:stpatricksday OR hashtag:StPats)
  ("Festival Quarter" NEAR/10 “Collins Barracks”)
(infoType:“news” OR infoType:“social”)
(country:"IE" OR Dublin OR Ireland)

Also put two notes here:

  1. Using eventcompany:"St. Patrick's Festival Group" does not work, maybe media/social media tends not to label company’s full name.
  2. Doubt if I should use "Festival Quarter" as it is not helpful as well.



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(("Patrick's Festival 2023" OR "Patrick’s Day Parade" oR "Festival quarter") AND (Dublin OR "Collins Barracks")) OR "Átha Cliath d'Fhéile Pádraig 2023"

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I’m excited to announce the winner of our March Boolean Competition! Our office here and winner of a team pizza party is…



Congratulations @Jose Guerra Mora , you’re the office hero!  Check your PMs for a message from me regarding details. 


Thank you to all who entered! To continue in the fun check out the April Competition (with new prizes) - you don’t want to miss it 😎


Check out a recommended Boolean string below: 

((infoType:“news” OR infoType:“social”) AND (“St. Patrick’s Day” OR "Saint Patrick's Day" OR “St. Patrick’s celebrat*” OR "Saint Patrick's celebrat*" OR “St. Patricks Parade” OR "Saint Patricks Parade" OR "St. Paddy's Day" OR "Saint Paddy's Day") AND (“Dublin, Ireland” OR (“Dublin” NEAR/5 “Ireland” OR "Festival Quarter") OR “National Museum of Ireland Collins Barracks”))


When the boolean is in action you can see the results are relevant and notice the spike during the days of the festival. 


Of course there is no one right answer - I loved seeing how each of you created your boolean strings :) 

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Congratulations, @Jose Guerra Mora!! 👏 🎉 👏