🏆 Boolean Competition #1 🏆

🏆 Boolean Competition #1 🏆
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This competition has closed, winners announced in comments. Check out our New Boolean Competition. 


Today we launch mCommunity’s first Boolean Competition! Put your Boolean skills to the test with a friendly competition among your fellow Community members. 


How do I Enter? 

  • Join the Boolean Academy Wizards Group

  • Review the Boolean scenario posted below 

  • Reply to this thread with your best Boolean Search Suggestion (No peeking 🧐 at other responses before posting)


How do I Win? 

  • Once you reply to this thread you will be entered in a prize drawing

  • 3 lucky winners will be picked 


What can I Win? 

  • A 32oz Meltwater branded Hydro Flask  
Big enough for a whole day on the river or trails, our 32 oz Wide Mouth Bottle is made with professional-grade stainless steel and a wider opening for faster fill. And our Color Last powder coat is dishwasher safe for even more convenience. Cold stays ice cold for 24 hours, and hot stays wickedly hot for 12 – just like always.


Competition Timeline: 

  • Entries can be made Today, November 9th - Thursday, December 8th. 

  • The winner will be drawn and announced Friday, December 9th. 


Drumroll 🥁 please …. Without further ado your 1st Boolean Scenario: 


With the holidays right around the corner the public relations team at Rockefeller Center in New York City is preparing to monitor social media posts from people traveling to New York City to view the upcoming 🎄Tree Lighting 🎄. The team wants to remove any negative and/or angry 😡 mentions as the posts will be shared in real time on a ticker at the tree lighting. The team would also like to exclude their own Instagram (@rockefellercenter) and Twitter (@rockcenternyc) posts.


What Boolean do you suggest? Reply with your boolean string suggestion on this thread. Remember - No Peeking 🧐

Note: I will share the recommended Boolean with you via Private Message after your entry. 

Don’t forget to join the Boolean Academy Wizards Group!  You can practice your boolean skills before entry plus check out additional training resources to help you out in the competition. 

Who’s ready to compete

Good luck! 


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(“tree lighting” AND “New York City”) NOT “rockefellercenter” OR “rockecenternyc”

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(#treelighting OR "tree lighting" OR "christmas tree" OR "xmas tree" OR #christmastree OR #xmastree) 

NEAR (rockefeller OR rockcenternyc OR rockefellercenter)

NOT (infoType:news OR broadcastType:"au" OR broadcastType:"vi" OR

from:rockefellercenter AND socialtype:instagram OR 

from:rockcenternyc AND socialtype:twitter OR 

sentiment:negative OR 


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(((rockefeller AND lighting AND christmas) OR (("tree lighting" OR "treelighting") near/20 (rockefeller OR rockefellercenter OR rockcenternyc))) AND (postType:og AND (socialType:“facebook” OR socialType:“twitter” OR socialType:“instagram” OR socialType:“reddit”)))

NOT (sentiment:negative OR emojis:😡 OR infoType:“news” OR infoType:“broadcast” OR from:rockefellercenter OR from:rockcenternyc)

Given this is likely still going to be a high volume of content for the ticker, you could also provide an option for the client to increase the quality of content showing by adding additional filters such as:

  • attachmentType:image
  • attachmentType:video 
  • shares>50
  • enrichments.socialScores.fb_shares>50
  • enrichments.socialScores.tw_shares>50
  • likes > 50
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((("christmas tree" or "christmas trees" or "tree lighting" or "xmas tree" or "x-mas tree" or emojis:🎄 or "christmas lights") AND ("Rockefeller" or "rock center" or hashtag:"rockcenter" or hashtag:"rockefellercenter" or @rockcenternyc)) AND (infoType:"social"))

NOT (sentiment:"negative" or "hate" or "dumb" or "stupid" or "angry" or emojis:👎 or from:"rockcenternyc" or author:"rockefellercenter")

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((((NYC OR NewYork OR "New York" OR Rockefeller OR RockerfellerCity) AND ("Tree Lighting" OR TreeLighting OR "Christmas Tree" OR ChristmasTree OR XMasTree OR "XMAS TREE" OR 🎄)) AND (sentiment:"positive"))
NOT (author:"@rockerfeller" OR author:"@rockcenternyc")) AND (infoType:“social”)


I want it as simple/neat as possible so I used the Channel and Sentiment Operators. Too many paragraphs confuse me 😅

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((rockefeller OR rockefellercenter OR rockcenternyc OR rockefellercenternyc) NEAR/20 (treelighting OR tree OR xmastree OR christmastree)) NOT (“@rockefellercenter” OR “@rockcenternyc” OR sentiment:”negative”)

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((“tree lighting” OR “treelighting” OR “christmas tree” OR “christmastree” OR emojis:🎄)
(“NYC” OR “New York City” OR “Rockefeller” OR “Rockefeller Center”))
(sentiment:negative OR (from:rockefellercenter AND socialtype:twitter) OR (from:rockcenternyc AND socialtype:instagram))

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("Rockefeller square" OR "Rockefeller Centre" OR "NYC" OR "New York" OR "NY") AND ("travel" OR "trip" OR "travelplans" OR "visiting") AND ("Christmas tree" OR "Xmas tree" OR emojis:🎄 OR "tree lights"OR "tree lighting") NOT (hate OR hated OR hateful OR anger OR angry OR disgust OR disgusted OR disgusting OR emojis:😠 OR emojis:😡 OR emojis:🖕 OR emojis:😷 OR @rockefellercenter OR "@rockcenternyc") NOT infoType:“news” NOT infoType:"broadcast"


Never used the infoType: operator before (normally I rely on the filters and check those), so learned a new trick👌

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(Rockefeller NEAR/5 (Center or Square) and (“Tree lighting” or “New York” or Manhattan or lights or lighting or “Christmas Tree” or “lights” or “the Rink” or Midtown or holiday) NOT (from: @rockefellercenter  and @rockcenternyc) and (sentiment: Negative)

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(Rockefeller NEAR/5 (Center OR Square OR Plaza) AND (Tree NEAR/5 (Lighting or Christmas) NOT (from: @rockefellercenter AND @rockcenternyc) AND (sentiment: Negative) AND infoType:“social”

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(“Rockafeller Center”) NEAR ("Christmas*" OR "xmas*" OR "Lighting” OR “Tree" OR "Tree Lighting”) AND (country:"us")

AND (infoType:"social" AND NOT sentiment:"negative")

AND NOT mention:“@rockcenternyc” AND NOT mention:"@rockefellercenter"

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(NOT @rockefellercenter OR @rockcenternyc) 

(Christmas AND tree (AND lighting))

(beautiful OR wonderful OR amazing)  

(NOT awful)

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((“New York City” AND “Tree Lighting”) OR (“New York” AND “Tree Lighting”) OR (“New York” AND emojis:🎄) OR (“New York City” AND emojis:🎄) OR (hashtag:”Newyorkcitytreelighting”) OR (hashtag:”Newyorktreelighting”) OR (“Rockefeller Center” AND “Tree Lighting”) OR (hashtag:”Rockefellercentertreelighting”) OR (“NY” AND “Tree Lighting”) OR (“NYC” AND “Tree Lighting”)) NOT (sentiment:”negative” OR emojis:😡 OR (from:”rockefellercenter” OR “rockcenternyc”) OR (handle:”rockcenternyc” OR “rockefellercenter”))

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(#treelighting OR "tree lighting" OR "christmas tree" OR "xmas tree" OR #christmastree OR #xmastree OR “🎄Tree Lighting🎄”) NEAR/6 (rockefeller OR rockcenternyc OR “rockefellercenter” OR “New York City”) NOT ((@rockefellercenter OR “(@rockcenternyc” OR infoType:news OR broadcastType:"au" OR broadcastType:"vi" OR from:rockefellercenter AND socialtype:instagram OR from:rockcenternyc AND socialtype:twitter OR sentiment:negative OR emojis:😡 ))

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Zhuo and Leslie from Linkfluence 😀

((((("Tree Lighting" OR "Christmas Tree" OR "Xmas Tree" OR *christmastree* OR *xmastree* OR *treelighting*) NEAR/7 (*Rockfeller* OR rockfellercenter OR rockcenternyc)) OR ((emoji.chart:🎄) AND (*Rockfeller* OR rockfellercenter OR rockcenternyc))) AND (origin.platform:(instagram OR facebook OR sinaweibo OR tiktok OR littleredbook OR wechat OR twitter))) AND (inferred-geo.cid:72057594043056517)) NOT (emoji.chart:(🤬 OR 😡 OR 👺 OR 💩 OR 💀 OR ☠️) OR author:@rockfellercenter OR author:@rockcenternyc OR tone:negative OR hate OR fuck* OR dumb OR stupid OR OR _exists_:twitter.retweet OR

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I’m excited to announce the Winners of our  🏆 1st Boolean Competition 🏆!!


The 2 Client Winners are: 








The Employee winner is: 






Congratulations! Be on the lookout for a PM from me so we can send you your new Hydroflask! 🎉


Thank you to all who entered! To continue in the competition check out our 2nd Boolean Competition! Good Luck!! 



Check out a recommended Boolean string below: 

((NYC OR “New York City” OR “The Big Apple” OR "New York") AND (“Rockefeller Center” OR Rockefeller OR “The Rock”) AND (“tree lighting” OR “Christmas Tree”))

NOT (sentiment:"negative" OR emojis:😡OR angry OR anger OR angered OR mad OR madder OR maddest OR “ticked off” OR angrier OR angriness OR rage OR raging OR rageful OR handle:“rockcenternyc” OR handle:“rockcenternyc”)


Of course there is no one right answer - I loved seeing how each of you created your boolean strings :) 


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Congrats to all! Fun competition!