Updating a Press Release Template

  • 27 April 2023
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Is there a way to update a current press release template, or do you just have to create a new one when there is a required change to an old template?  Also, if a new template has to be created, is there a way to remove the old one so it is not accidently used in the future?


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Let me tag in the Product support experts, they will know best.

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@Mike M  Yes, you can do both. @Joe Daniels provided the below.  

Update an existing press release template.

Here are the steps we recommend, screenshots are below.

  1. Select the template you want to change (select the checkbox)

  2. In the toolbar, click “Duplicate selected item”  to make a duplicate of the template. This is a safety precaution, It's a good practice to duplicate a template you're happy with as a base template, then use this to test sending previews until you're happy with how it looks.

  3. This will open a new template using the checked template as a starting point.
  4. Add a new name to the template, make the desired changes, and then "Save Changes".

  5. Send Preview emails until you're happy with the results.

To remove a template:
Navigate to the Templates list

  1. Check the box next to the template you want to remove 
  2. In the toolbar, click the trash can.


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Hello! I’ve had some success in updating outreach templates using the Source Code functions in the Edit Template area. Every template has a Source Code - you can find it by clicking the three dots in the edit bar (the last icon, next to the quotation marks). To copy a template, I Duplicated an existing media releases, and then copied the source code. I then created a New Template by copying the source code, and removing all the copy from the previous media release. From there I was able to add some basic HTML to modify then email template to look exactly like our Word/PDF versions of media releases. 

Interestingly, the Meltwater engineers attempted to do the same thing but their emails had glitches which meant we couldn’t use them.

Hope that helps!

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Hey - great advice in this solution! I’m so curious as to what happened when our team used this method. Can you describe the glitches you found in the emails? 👀

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Thank you, this was just the information I was looking for!

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Hi @Jacinda Espinosa. From what I can tell, there was a glitch in the way Outlook translated the source code developed by the Meltwater engineer. I assume this because I tested their source code in an HTML editor and it appeared fine. But when we tested the template there was clearly an issue as the formatting was not as per the source code. I was able to perfect my source code using some of the styling that the Meltwater engineer used and there was no glitch. I don’t think even the Meltwater engineer is aware of the glitch because that still hasn’t been resolved, probably because we have a working DIY template. It definitely shows the value of having a basic understanding of code to enhance our branding!

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That’s so interesting! Thanks for following up and sharing that, I feel like it’s happening more and more that the applications I use don’t play nicely together in terms of the HTML/CSS. Just having the ability to read HTML and understand more or less what you're looking at is a super valuable and honestly underrated skill.