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  • 1 November 2022
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Hello everyone! I am new to Meltwater and just getting my explore boards set up. I have created searches in six different countries. In each country I want to know what the top languages being used are when people are talking about the topic, which is represented using a number of key words. My question is, will Meltwater searches be able to tell me with accuracy what the top languages are in the country related to the topic if I only use English in my inputting of key words? I see top languages appearing under “authors” in explore.  

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Hi Robyn - welcome to Meltwater and thanks for your question!

Meltwater uses AI-powered language detection to classify content into 240 languages. When you create a search in Meltwater, our system will search for documents that contain keywords exactly matching your search.

Here's an example using a brand search for Coca Cola:

  • The search "coca cola" will return content from a variety of languages because the brand name "coca cola" is not language-specific
  • The search "drink coca cola" will return predominantly English content because of the use of the English word "drink"
  • The search "beber coca cola" will return predominantly Portuguese and Spanish results because of the use of the Portuguese/Spanish word "beber"


If you use primarily English keywords in your search, your search will likely return more results in English. If you are creating a search for a global brand or topic, it may be helpful to incorporate translated keywords into your search so your results better reflect the native languages spoken in each country. If you choose not to include translations, your results will still be accurate, they will just be based on the language of the content returned by your search.

I see you have mentioned you are reviewing the Top Languages widget in the Explore Authors Tab. This widget will show you the top languages of the authors tweeting about the topic found in your search terms. It sounds like you may also be interested in analyzing the overall breakdown of the language assigned to your mentions. You can easily see the breakdown of languages for any search by clicking on the language filter in Explore:


If you are looking for a visualization of top languages, you can find this in our Classic Dashboards:


I hope this information is helpful, Robyn! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any other questions.



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Thank you for the helpful and comprehensive response Beth! Very much appreciated.