Sharing Award Announcement with House Media List?

  • 9 October 2022
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i’m new to Meltwater and Kelly Bebenek encouraged me to post my Q here.  Here it goes.  The prestige of different awards are not all the same.  e.g., I dare say Gartner’s Cool Vendor or Forrester Wave mentions are more prestigious than many other industry awards/acknowledgements.

With that said, recently, we’ve won some product awards.  For one of them, we chose to write a press release and put it over the wire.  Afterwards, I’m wondering if I should email a copy to my house media list i.e., the list of journalist, etc. we’ve interacted with in the past who might not pick up our wired release.

Thx - Nancy 




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4 replies

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Hi @NChou - Welcome to Meltwater and thank you for sharing this question! 

Have you posted a press releases on the wire in addition to sharing an email to your house media list in the past? 

I found this quote from a Content Grip article - “While most journalists still prefer to receive customized, one-on-one emails, one in five will still check news tips sent via press release distribution service or newswires.” I hope this helps! 

I am interested in what other members have to say as well and specific examples they may be able to share. 

Also, congrats on the recent product awards 😀

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Congrats on the awards! My suggestion is not specifically media relations related, but if you haven’t already thought of it, and if it fits with your audiences, I’d also suggest sharing the news on social media channels; for example, LinkedIn can be a good place to share updates like these. It could help amplify the news while also celebrating the organization and staff members who worked hard on the efforts that warranted the awards.  

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Thanks Whitney and Maria.

@WhitneyWilliams , thx for reminding what journalist prefer.  Frankly, sending them a press release re: an award is not of interest to them, regardless whether I sent it as an 1:1 email or putting it over the wire.


@Maria, yes, for sure we do use social media channels to annouce our awards, etc. However, I was simply not mentally clear about what I should do with product awards WRT a house media list.  I think Whitney’s answer gave me the grounding I needed.  Thank you for your response.

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Hey @NChou! If the news is substantial enough, it doesn’t hurt to send as an FYI to keep your closest relationships informed. There’s really never a news cycle where an award win is big enough to report on, but perhaps it’s a validation point to your product or platform, or an interesting campaign that the reporter might be open to profiling if it’s the right fit. (I think where we can tend to go a tad off course when reaching out to media is when we try to over-inflate whatever it is we’re sharing.) So always keep in mind that it’s not THAT you won the award, it’s the rationale for WHY you won it that could potentially be more interesting.