Episode 7: Earning a Seat at the Table in Comms

  • 13 May 2024
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Episode 7: Earning a Seat at the Table in Comms
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In Episode 7, Brittany and I talk about the three key personas essential for running a successful business and how they align with our own roles. She opens up about her journey of kickstarting her own venture, driven by both market demand and her passion for bringing innovative ideas to fruition. We delve into the day-to-day of our daily client interactions, and the balance between tending to existing clients and drumming up new business.

During our conversation, Brittany sheds light on the typical challenges her clients face when trying to leverage technology tools, and how her company steps in to help them overcome these obstacles. We also dive into the significance of data and analytics in steering smarter decision-making processes, while acknowledging the complexities of the data-driven landscape.

Our discussion touched upon various topics, from grappling with overlapping tools to weighing the merits of point solutions versus suite solutions. We also pondered the meaning of maturity in communication analytics and the pivotal role of tagging infrastructure. Additionally, Brittany candidly shared her struggle with honing her listening skills, recognizing it as the one thing hindering her from reaching her full potential.

Overall, it was a thought-provoking exchange that illuminated the intricacies of running a successful business and the personal growth journey that accompanies it.




  • Investing in media monitoring and social listening tools is crucial for success in comms analytics.
  • Point solutions may provide a better user experience, but suite solutions often lead to better outcomes for companies.
  • Earning a seat at the table in comms requires demonstrating the value of data-driven insights.
  • Being a good listener is a key skill for solving problems and understanding people's needs.

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My favorite quote, “Swimming in data doesn’t make you data-driven. Having a framework for decision making that data can be plugged into, does,” - That is an mAcademy Course waiting to be created.