Episode 14: Danny Gardner on the Challenges and Power of Social Listening

Episode 14: Danny Gardner on the Challenges and Power of Social Listening
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In this episode, experience the return of our first #Expert, Danny Gardner, Head of Social Media Insights & Analytics at Haleon. In this interview, Danny dives into the world of social listening and its power to transform social media data into actionable insights. 

In this conversation, Danny shares how social listening and traditional research methods complement each other and why analytics and data quality are essential in his work. His examples, from gut health to navigating misinformation, illustrate the many ways social listening helps decode consumer sentiment and shape strategies.

Danny is an absolute superstar when it comes to social listening! Join us for his powerful insights on tackling misinformation, the influence of emotions on beliefs, the role of consumer feedback (and its limitations), and how values drive consumer behavior. As always, share your thoughts and questions in the comments!




  • Analytics and data quality are essential for making informed decisions.
  • Misinformation is a significant problem in the digital age, and companies and professionals need to actively address it.
  • Narratives and emotions play a crucial role in shaping beliefs and behavior.
  • Consumer feedback is valuable but has limitations, and companies need to balance customer satisfaction with their own expertise.
  • The influence of social media creators and the changing landscape of information search have a significant impact on consumer behavior.
  • Social listening provides valuable insights into what people believe, but understanding beliefs is the ultimate goal.