Episode 12: Small Business, Big Ideas, and Customer Psychology with Elorie Slater

Episode 12: Small Business, Big Ideas, and Customer Psychology with Elorie Slater
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In the latest Expert Exchange podcast, Elorie Slater and I discuss the importance of emotional resonance in branding, and how connecting with customers on a deeper level sets brands apart in a crowded marketplace. As Brand Strategy & Marketing Director at Sports Garage Cycling, Elorie excels at taking a big picture approach to small business marketing strategy, and this conversation really showcases her profound insights into customer needs and behaviors.

Elorie illustrates the way customers’ core beliefs about their lives and themselves influence their buying behaviors. She even breaks down psychological phenomena like the Pygmalion Effect, and how these factors fit into the complex machinery of consumer psychology 🧠

Get ready for a conversation that will leave you eager to explore new possibilities in your own brand strategies and community-building efforts!




  • Small businesses benefit from focusing on well-defined inputs and building strong brands.
  • There is often a gap between a brand's desired image and the reality of its target audience.
  • Small businesses are uniquely positioned for building strong relationships with customers and understanding their needs.
  • The aspiration gap plays a significant role in consumer behavior, as individuals have a core belief about their life that drives their purchasing decisions.
  • Original thinking is still essential in a world dominated by AI; AI can only look backwards and learn from what has already been created.