🏆 February Boolean Competition

  • 2 February 2023
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🏆 February Boolean Competition
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This competition has closed, winners announced in comments. Our March competition (with new prizes) has been launched HERE - you don’t want to miss it!


Are you ready to put your Boolean skills to the test? Join us in a Boolean Competition among your fellow Community members. 


How do I Enter? 

  • Join the Boolean Academy Wizards Group

  • Review the Boolean scenario posted below 

  • Reply to this thread with your best Boolean Search Suggestion (No peeking 🧐 at other responses before posting)


How do I Win? 

  • Once you reply to this thread you will be entered in a prize drawing

  • 3 lucky winners will be picked (2 clients + 1 employee) 🎉


What can I Win? 

  • A 32oz Meltwater branded Hydro Flask  
Big enough for a whole day on the river or trails, our 32 oz Wide Mouth Bottle is made with professional-grade stainless steel and a wider opening for faster fill. And our Color Last powder coat is dishwasher safe for even more convenience. Cold stays ice cold for 24 hours, and hot stays wickedly hot for 12 – just like always.



Competition Timeline: 

  • Entries can be made Today, February 2nd - Thursday, February 23rd. 

  • The winners will be drawn and announced Thursday, February 23rd. 


Drumroll 🥁 please…. your next Boolean Scenario: 


​​​​As the 🎾 Australian Open 🎾 recently finished up the communications team is looking to pull a report of all news mentions of the men’s singles winner, Novak Djokovic. The team is specifically interested in mentions that talk about this being the tennis star’s 10th Australian Open win + 22nd Grand Slam


What Boolean do you suggest? Reply with your boolean string suggestion on this thread. 


Note: I will share the suggested Boolean with you via Private Message after entry. 

Don’t forget to join the Boolean Academy Wizards Group!  You can practice your boolean skills before entry plus check out additional training resources to help you out in the competition. 

Who’s ready to compete? 

Good luck! 

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((event: Australian Open) AND (Novak Djokovic AND Australian Open AND Grand Slam) AND (“tennis” OR “tennis star” OR “men tennis” AND “10 wins”))

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((event: “Australian Open” OR “2023 Australian Open” OR “Australian Open 2023”) AND “Novak Djokovic” AND (“10th Australian Open” OR “tenth Australian Open”) AND (“22nd Grand Slam” OR “twenty-second Grand Slam” OR “twenty second Grand Slam”))

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(Ingress:"Novak" AND "2023 Australian Open") (event:"Australian Open")  AND  (("10th" OR "tenth")  OR  ("22nd" OR "twenty second" OR "twenty-second"))

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("australian open" OR "grand slam" OR 22nd) NEAR
(won OR winner) NEAR
"novak djokovic"
AND infoType:news

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(event:Australian Open)

AND ( “Novak” OR “Djokovic” OR “Djokovic’s”) 

AND (“10th” OR “tenth”) NEAR (“win” OR  “won” OR “victory”)

AND ((“22nd” or “twenty second” OR “twenty-second”) NEAR “Grand Slam”)

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(Djokovic OR Novak) AND (Australia*) AND (tennis) AND (((22* OR “twenty second” OR “twenty-second”) NEAR “grand slam”) OR ((10* OR “tenth”) NEAR (Australia* OR open))

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(“Australian Open”) AND (“Novak” OR “Djokovic”) AND ((“10th” OR “tenth”) OR (“22nd” OR “twenty second” OR “twenty-second”))



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I’m excited to announce the winners of our February Boolean Competition! Our winners are….. 


Client Winners: 












Employee Winner:





Congratulations! Be on the lookout for a PM from me so we can send you your new Hydro Flask. Also, check out the new Boolean Badge on your profile! 

Thank you to all who entered! To continue in the fun check out the March Competition - you don’t want to miss it. Good luck! 


Check out a recommended Boolean string below: 

("Australian Open" OR ausopen) AND (("Novak Djokovic" AND (("10th" or "Open Title") OR "22nd Grand Slam" OR record)))


Of course there is no one right answer - I loved seeing how each of you created your boolean strings 😀