Boolean Advanced Practice 1: To, Mention, & From

  • 24 November 2022
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In the course Creating Searches with Boolean: Advanced we reviewed the Boolean operators that can help you find specific content from Twitter. Here is a safe place where you can practice your new knowledge. You can also practice in Explore and test your search to see if you are getting the results you expected.


How it works:

  1. Pick at least one scenario listed below and create a mock search.
  2. Add your search as a reply below. No cheating!
  3. Once you post your search, review what other learners have added to see how it compares.
  4. We will PM you the answer key


Let’s Practice


Let’s practice using the Twitter operators:

  • to: 
  • mention:
  • from: 


Scenario 1 👵

Find Twitter documents that mention or are a reply to @MarkHamill that also mention Luke Skywalker.


Scenario 2 🍔

Find Twitter documents that are posted from at least one of the following fast-food restaurants: @BurgerKing, @McDonalds, or @Wendys. All documents should also include the keyword french fries.


Scenario 3 ✈️

Find documents that are earned mentions of Delta Airlines that include tweets mentioning or replying to @Delta.


3 replies

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Scenario 1: 

to: "@MarkHamill” OR mention : “Luke Skywalker”


Scenario 2: 

((from: @BurgerKing OR @McDonalds OR @Wendys) AND “french fries")

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(to: “@MarkHamill”) AND (“Luke Skywalker” OR “Skywalker”)


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(FROM: “BurgerKing” OR “McDonalds” OR “Wendys”) AND “french fries”