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Engage: Introducing our GPT-3-powered image generator

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Engage: Introducing our GPT-3-powered image generator

Our GPT-3 image generator helps social media practitioners create original images in seconds


Our Engage product team is focused on building generative AI into our user’s workflows to help them create compelling and engaging content at scale.


Last month, we launched a GPT-3 writing assistant to make copy more engaging, change tone, check grammar, and more. Next, we’re beyond excited to be the first social media management solution to offer an AI-powered image generator! 


So, what is it?


  • We’ve incorporated OpenAI GPT-3 technology into our user’s social media publishing and response workflows.
  • The new image generator can be found anywhere you find the Asset Library, currently in Publish and Conversations.
  • A user simply enters a text-based prompt. GPT-3 does its magic and returns up to 9 original images.
  • Select the image you list best or click to regenerate more images.
  • Once you’ve picked the image you prefer, you can perform edits inside the Asset Library and use the image in your next post or response.


What’s the value?

  • Spark engagement with original images. Original images, as opposed to stock ones, do a better job of sparking audience engagement.
  • Create compelling posts at scale. The image generator dramatically reduces the time it takes to create original images, helping you scale production.
  • Save cost and speed up the creative process by keeping more your work in-house as opposed to outsourcing.
  • Unblock creative barries and limitations. Many of us lack hard creative skills like image design. Now, we can be as creative as our imaginations will take us.




We’re super excited to launch this generative AI innovation all in the service of being creative at scale. More to come so stay tuned!

@Bryce Anslinger , FYI