Engage Update

Engage - the New Engage Experience, plus the inclusion of Google Business Reviews

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Engage - the New Engage Experience, plus the inclusion of Google Business Reviews

The New Engage Experience

An updated calendar, publishing flow, and GPT-3-powered AI writing assistant in Engage!

What is it?

  • The calendar features drag-and-drop posts, a workbench slide-out for actioning drafts and approving posts, plus additional calendar and post-level views. 📆
  • The all-new simplified single-step publishing includes a minimize option, updated post previews in platform aspect ratios, and more scheduling options. 🎉
  • Also featured in the new publishing flow is a GPT-3-powered AI writing assistant, allowing you to take advantage of the latest advancements in generative AI to work faster, beat writer’s block, and formulate more engaging content 🙇

What’s the value?

Engage's newly updated calendar and publishing experience helps you scale content creation and meet the growing demand to post more and more content. Based on extensive customer research and feedback, it is designed to help you get more done, with fewer clicks, and more efficiency!

  • Save time (efficiency) - Spend less time clicking and more time building your brand presence. For example, using drag and drop, reduce clicks by 7 to 10 for routine tasks like rescheduling posts.
  • Increase productivity - A new workbench slideout centralizes one space to complete more work - faster than ever. You can action drafts, review assigned posts, and make changes to posts requiring changes from a single space. Combined, these productivity tools help you scale content creation.
  • Better visibility for greater peace of mind - Media-rich previews and new calendar viewing options give you a clear line of sight into outgoing posts.
  • Unlock creativity, writer faster and better - Beat writer’s block and create more engaging content at scale with our GPT-3 writing assistant serving up multiple post variations in seconds.



Engage: Google Business Reviews in Conversations

Expanding Engage beyond traditional social media accounts, to include Google Business reviews.

What is it?

  • Meltwater Engage has added support for its seventh social account: Google Business! View and reply to Google Business reviews alongside your other connected social accounts in Engage.
  • Google Business is a free tool for companies to list their business in Google Maps and local search results. These profiles allow users to leave reviews with a Google account. These reviews can now be seen and replied to via Engage.


What’s the value?

Google reviews have become crucial in the process of discovering new or local businesses. Whenever consumers embark on their search for a product or service, their first destination is often a search engine, predominantly Google.

During this pivotal stage, brands have a remarkable opportunity to establish meaningful connections with potential customers. As perceptions and purchasing decisions are significantly shaped by online feedback, the role of reviews has magnified, holding greater sway over consumer behavior.

  • Monitor and respond to Google Reviews centrally alongside your other connected accounts.
  • Improve customer experiences by assigning owners and creating templates for faster, on-brand replies
  • Find areas for improving team and brand performance by tracking and measuring activity and response times.

Since Google Business is an owned account, the same reviews that you will see in Conversations will also appear in Explore, under the Source Type > Product Reviews filter.


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