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Smart Alerts: AI-Powered Summaries on Spike Detection Alerts

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Smart Alerts: AI-Powered Summaries on Spike Detection Alerts

Contextualizing and summarizing the cause for Spike Alerts.


What is it?

Spike Detection alerts have been updated to include an AI-powered summary explanation of the alert. Identifying statistically relevant shifts in news and social media conversation, with added context via plain language summary explanations that include both the cause and reason for a spike.


What’s the value?

 Time savings: very quickly, you can understand what’s driving a spike, unlocking deeper insights than ever before. By accessing a summarized explanation of the cause and context of a spike, you can save hours previously used for data exploration and correlation.



Learn more in the Help Center:

Hi Jacinda, would you know what is our threshold in spike on when it will be sent out as an alert? How many constitutes as a spike?

Hey @matatagph - Spike Detection is based on the standard deviation and the current threshold is 5 standard deviations above the average within a certain time period. For social searches, it compares the last hour with the past 12 hours. For editorial searches, it compares one day with the past 14 days.

@Jacinda Espinosa - Is there a maximum number of, for example, Spike Detection alerts that can be set per account?

I know I’m going to get asked that question as we start to utilise these abilities across our business 😀

Found the answer:

150 per hour

1800 per day

For each teams workspace



Hey @Al_S - great detective work! Please let me know if you have any other questions 🙌