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New Topic Analysis tab in Explore, plus new Analytics tab widgets

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New Topic Analysis tab in Explore, plus new Analytics tab widgets

Topic Analysis is an exploratory research tool designed to help you understand the underlying meaning of the topics within your results.

Topic Analysis allows you to go beyond the volume of results, or where conversations are taking place, and drill further into what the general topics and tenor are related to results. This provides you the ability to find deeper context to the results you see, and better understand how the results are being talked about within separate topics.

Topic Analysis is a complementary tool to be used with the Overview and Analytics tabs in Explore. 

The Topic Analysis tab offers the following new widgets: 

  • Topic Breakdown
  • Total Mentions
  • Top Topics
  • Top Entities
  • Top Keyword Sentiment
  • Sentiment
  • Sentiment Trend
  • Sentiment by Source
  • Top Scenes and Objects
  • Top Hashtags
  • Emotional Comparison

What does this mean for you?

  • Understand what is driving the narrative and how people are speaking about topics of interest to you.

  • Segment data based on product, people, organizations & locations.

  • Leverage visual insights to go beyond keyword based analysis.

Powered by topic-based categorization that automatically categorizes content using industry leading taxonomy across 370 categories and granular insights into entities and their sentiment


The Analytics tab in Explore has also received new widgets: 

  • Total Engagement
  • Most Engaged Content
  • Top Editorial Sources
  • Top Shared Links

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