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New Newsletters Experience

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New Newsletters Experience

Hey #FriendswithInsights! Today, Meltwater is excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Newsletter experience, which streamlines the process of sending media monitoring roundups. It’s easier than ever to send regular updates to your stakeholders, including daily clip emails, weekly must-reads or media highlights, and more.

We know not every scenario calls for a detailed report. Sometimes, a short-form media update is just what's needed, and that's where our Newsletters tool shines. The new enhanced experience includes many new features, and allows you to: 

  • Create branded, mobile-friendly templates in just a few minutes 
  • Find meaningful articles and organize your Newsletter quickly, with flexibility to make adjustments as needed
  • Provide the extra insight needed to  show your recipients an accurate and timely snapshot of the media
  • Ensure perfection with real-time previews and multiple review options. 

If you’re interested in simplifying and enhancing your routine media monitoring emails, reach out to your rep to get started. For existing Newsletters customers, to learn more:


Key Capabilities & New Features 

  • Transform your ordinary monitoring email into a professional and sleek, branded Newsletter in just a few minutes with our easy-to-use editor tool and new mobile-friendly pre-designed templates.
  • Effortlessly match your brand guidelines with our many new customization features, which allow you to upload and resize logos, and match brand colors, and styles without needing support.
  • Tailor your newsletter content to suit your recipient's needs. Control how articles and social posts appear by showing or hiding reach numbers, and customizing the display of outlets, thumbnails, headlines, and summaries.
  • Show that you're on top of the media cycle by adding commentary that explains how headlines connect to your PR strategy, hot topics, planned company initiatives, or stakeholder interests.
  • Ensure quality control by previewing your newsletter at various stages, switching between mobile and desktop views, and sending previews via email for final checks.
  • Review search results more efficiently with the new content stream, featuring tagging, search, sorting, and duplicate grouping capabilities.