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New DingTalk Integration

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New DingTalk Integration

At this point, nearly all organizations use some form of collaboration tool to conduct business. Adding to our integrations arsenal, we are now introducing a DingTalk integration to receive Meltwater Alerts.



What is DingTalk? 

TLDR: “Chinese Slack”. DingTalk is part of Alibaba’s efforts to compete with its rival Tencent, owner of messaging app WeChat, in the corporate space. While DingTalk has many of the same features as Slack, it also includes a slew of monitoring features the US app doesn’t have.

What’s the Value?

  • By enabling this integration right from the platform, our customers can now receive automated, AI-powered alerts sent directly to their dedicated DingTalk channels. Having a centralized channel with all Alerts flowing in will allow teams to better collaborate and act on business-critical news, market shifts/trends, and competitive intelligence.
  • DingTalk’s collaborative nature allows organizations to act quickly on market movements, alert relevant internal departments in a timely manner and make better-informed decisions powered by rich insights.
  • As many current apps are restricted in China, this will allow users in mainland China to receive alerts via an unrestricted app making it more user-friendly.

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