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Monitor: ‘Since Last Viewed’ date picker; ‘Favorite’ Pin; Mini Profiles: Media Relations Contacts & Twitter Authors

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Monitor:  ‘Since Last Viewed’ date picker; ‘Favorite’ Pin; Mini Profiles: Media Relations Contacts & Twitter Authors

We are excited to launch a monitoring product release bundle, featuring three new features: 


‘Since last viewed’ date picker:


What is it?  

  • A new date picker option which displays only the content from the last time that you viewed a particular search, tag, RSS feed, or saved View in Monitor.


What is the value?

  • Quickly see the newest mentions whether toggling from search to search or carrying out routine media monitoring with a particular search, tag, RSS feed, or saved View.
  • Save time on administrative tasks like narrowing date ranges so you can focus on other initiatives such as reporting for earned media to the stakeholders.
  • Be the first-to-know in your organization with continued scanning of media since the last time you accessed Monitor, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and resolving issues before they become crises.
  • Organize content more smoothly and brief stakeholders with strategically important information.


‘ Favorite ’ Pin:


What is it? 

  • Now you can designate any search, tag, RSS feed or saved monitoring view as a “favorite,” pinning that item to the top of Monitor’s drop-down menu.


What is the value? 

  • Narrow down results of your searches or views based on upcoming projects.
  • Identify emerging issues quickly and early so they may be addressed - before they evolve into a crisis. Sometimes, it is a matter of seconds.
  • Context switch faster than ever, supporting your subject-matter expertise for your clients or in-house stakeholders.
  • Take advantage of a rapid and flexible workflow by defining an ordered list of your most important searches, Views, tags or RSS feeds.


Mini Profiles - Media Relations Contacts & Twitter Authors:

What is it?

  • You can easily retrieve important information about authors directly from the content stream. By clicking on the name of journalists in our contact database and Twitter authors, you will get the highlights about that author, including:
    • Author/contact audience size
    • List of the recent articles that they have written
    • Interest topics (usually indicates their area of expertise)
    • Author social handles across other platforms, including YouTube and Instagram.
    • Contact information (email address, phone number, physical address and more)




What is the value?

  • Stay where you are in the content stream and get through more mentions in a timely manner
  • Select the right author based your parameters and establish your relationship


To learn more about these new Monitor features, check out our Help Center Article - Getting Started with Monitor


Happy Friday, all!

The product team supporting Monitor hopes you find value and enjoyment making use of the new capabilities in Monitor.


Our vision is to make Monitor the centralized workspace where media pros discover, consume, organize and take action on content. We understand that Media Monitoring is often a means to an end - that you need to do something with the content you discover. 


Whether that’s benchmarking your brand against competitors, reporting on the results of PR or marketing campaigns, or sharing mentions with stakeholders - it’s our job to make these tasks easier and faster than ever for you to complete.


Personally, I’m very excited about this update. It brings us closer to that vision by allowing you to drop right back into your searches, views, or RSS feeds - directly from where you left off!

Additionally, the contact and social author mini-profiles enable you to understand more about the content creators speaking about your brand. In the future, we will enable you to directly reach out to these creators, directly from Monitor.


Do you have an idea, suggestion or question? Our team is regularly speaking with users like you and would love to hear from you. Drop me a line at You may also book time directly on my calendar here.



Thanks everyone. Happy Monitoring! 

-Team CoreApps, Marina & Blake