Monitor Update

Monitor Enhancements and Inbox Sunset

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Monitor Enhancements and Inbox Sunset

Monitor your brand mentions, competitors, and industry trends, within the same omnichannel view. 

Monitor is the central hub for consuming content and actioning insights. These latest enhancements make it even easier. Latest enhancements include: 


  • Increase in the number of streams, as well as inputs per stream to 5 each.
  • An updated, more intuitive workflow for adding, and editing, streams
  • The ability to save, load, and manage multiple Monitor ‘views’.
  • A new drop-down menu, similar to Inbox, allows users to easily switch between saved views.
  • Last hour is now available in the date picker.
  • New color-chip icons on inputs, plus drop-down menus per input
  • When selecting a single input, a new focused, one-stream view, more closely matching Inbox is available.


What does this mean for you?

  • Increased Productivity - Save, load, and manage multiple Monitor views, allowing for more organization, customization, and collaboration, with easy view switching via a new drop-down menu.

  • Reduced Time-to-Value - Introducing a more intuitive workflow for adding, and editing streams, and inputs. With new color-coded input chips, and the ability to update input options on the fly in two clicks.

  • Monitor More - Increases inputs to 5 per stream, and increases the number of streams per monitor to 5 per view, allowing for 177% increase in inputs per single view. 

Inbox sunset

With these latest enhancements, we are now able to successfully sunset Inbox in Q4, 2022. 

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