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LinkedIn Owned Data in Explore

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LinkedIn Owned Data in Explore

What is it?


Engage and Explore customers can now see their owned LinkedIn posts and comments in Explore searches and dashboards!




LinkedIn is now its own selection under the source type filter for Explore customers with a connected LinkedIn company page in Engage/Social Analytics.



If an owned parent post is pulled into a search via keywords, all the comments on that post will also be pulled into the search even if they do not match the keywords. This allows you to understand the full conversation happening on your posts.


What’s the value? 


This is the first time LinkedIn data has been made available in Explore!

By showcasing owned and earned data in a single search, you will be able to better understand the conversations happening around your brand and industry and how your owned posts may be driving those conversations. 

This functionality expands the current owned channel data supported in Explore to three channels: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn


How does it work? 


Explore customers with Engage/Social analytics, and a connected LinkedIn company page will have their owned LinkedIn posts and comments automatically included in search results. 

You may use Advanced boolean to isolate owned LinkedIn data, to either include or exclude it, with this string: :

  • metaData.source.id:”urn:li:organization:#######”

For this boolean string, you will need your LinkedIn page ID. The LinkedIn page ID can be found in the admin URL for the page. 


You may also want to include/exclude all data from owned Engage/Social Analytics connections. The metaData.provider.type:"socialconnections" boolean allows you to filter for owned Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn content, together. This can be used as either an AND statement, to isolate this data, or a NOT statement, to exclude it. 


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