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Explore Search Improvements

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Explore Search Improvements

We’ve been working on making improvements to our Explore search experience, by expanding and upgrading some already available features. 


Expanded search for emojis 

  • We have extended support for searching for emojis via the in title, content, and ingress boolean operators. You can now search for emojis within specific areas of a result. e.g title: 🙂

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Extended support for punctuation and currency

  • Extended support for punctuation by handling more punctuation marks which will provide better recall.

  • Expanded support for international currency symbols: ƒ, ℳ, 元, 円, 圆, 圓, ḯ, ₺, ₻, ₼, ₽, ₾, ₿,

    • e.g searching for bitcoin symbol, ₿ return results with that symbol. 

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Improved handling of Full-width/Half-width characters

  • Searches including Full-with/Half- width characters, e.g Cat/cat,  are now handled identically which makes it easier to search since you no longer need to explicitly search for both variations.

  • This change provides better recall since searching for example cat will also include search results for Cat, and vice versa. 


Expanded handling of apostrophes

  • Some people may not know, but there are different types of apostrophes. Most noticeable when copy/pasting text into Meltwater. We have removed the dependency on the type of apostrophe used, and both types are treated equal: curly apostrophes/quotes ( ’ ) or straight apostrophes/quotes ( ' ) or ´

  • Example: When searching for women`s, documents that contain women`s and women's will now be included in search results.





Upgraded support for searches in Thai, Khmer, Lao (Laotian), and Myanmar

  • We’ve upgraded search results for Thai, Khmer, Lao (Laotian), and Myanmar languages in Explore results. 

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Wildcard performance optimization

  • We have also done some search optimizations related to wildcards that will make results run and return faster.
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