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Explore: Introducing the Everything Cloud ☁️ + Boolean Errors Marked

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Explore: Introducing the Everything Cloud ☁️ + Boolean Errors Marked

One big Explore update this week, along with a nice little improvement to make your boolean easier to proofread 🙌



Introducing the Everything Cloud

Say hello to Top Keywords and Entities, aka the Everything Cloud, the new and enhanced version of the Top Keywords word cloud widget. 

The new widget has been expanded to feature six more word types, including:

  • Hashtags
  • Products
  • People
  • Organizations
  • Locations
  • Emojis
  • Keywords



How does it work?

The Top Keywords and Entities widget replaces the previous Top Keywords widget on the Overview, Topic Analysis, and X Insights tabs in Explore.

It combines the Top Keywords widget on the Over tab, the Top Entities (Product, Person, Organization, Location) widget on the Topic Analysis tab, and the Top Emojis widget on the X Insights tab into a singular word cloud - or “Everything” Cloud!

Words in the cloud are color-coded by type:

  • Keyword: dark blue
  • Hashtag: light blue
  • Product: green
  • Person: purple
  • Organization: pink
  • Location: yellow
  • Emojis appear as is in color

The more occurrences of a word, the larger it will appear in the cloud. You can hover over any item to see the total number of occurrences.


You can also click on the legend to include or exclude word types from displaying in the cloud. When excluding items, the cloud will dynamically refill with items from the other still-selected types by occurrences.

Everything selected:


Only Location and Emoji selected:



Boolean Errors now marked in search entry

Boolean errors in searches will now be pointed out with a red squiggle. Please note, the squiggle will appear below the first error only in boolean expressions (Keyword and Advanced).