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Engage: Twitter API Updates

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Engage: Twitter API Updates

Updating to Twitter’s latest and greatest v2 API 💪


What is it?

Engage has been upgraded to Twitter’s latest v2 API, featuring several new updates and enhancements for Engage users including updated polling times, backfills, and more.

  • Polling every 4 hours
  • Increase in Tweet polling from 7 days to 30
  • Automatic backfill of the last 7 days at time of new connection
  • RT engagements are now attributed to the original Tweet
  • Likes is now total count (likes - unlikes)
  • Tweets with Twitter polls now appear in Social Analytics


What’s the value?

Access to the latest innovation - Twitter is consolidating its APIs into one: v2. This will help to streamline development and innovation, plus offer new functionality previously unavailable to Meltwater. This will allow Meltwater access to the latest and greatest in Twitter features and updates.


Learn more in the Help Center

@Jacinda Espinosa I noticed briefly that Engage>Publish was showcasing “Twitter” with the X logo for a little while, but then switched back to the Twitter bird logo. And then this mCommunity post is calling it Twitter. Just curious if/when Meltwater will refer to it as X or Twitter moving forward? Thanks! 

Hey @Maria Dehne - we’re waiting for word from Twitter on this before we make any changes. For now, we’ll be keeping Twitter, but once we get word directly from the source we’ll update accordingly! We’ll keep you posted on any changes with this going forward but for now we’re keeping the blue birds 🐦