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Engage: Attached Link Process Enhancements + Customize Image/Metadata for LinkedIn Links

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Engage: Attached Link Process Enhancements + Customize Image/Metadata for LinkedIn Links

Streamlining the scheduling process for posts with links in Publish


What is it?

  • Attached Link Process Enhancements in Publish:
    • A streamlined attached link process in the Publisher, including auto-detecting embedded links, easier link shortening options, and better link preview warnings, allowing for faster content creation.
  • Customize Image and Metadata for LinkedIn Links:
    • Increased flexibility when scheduling LinkedIn posts, featuring the ability to customize the title, description, and thumbnail for LinkedIn links!


What’s the value?

  • Attached Link Process Enhancements in Publish:
    • Reduce clicks - by auto-detecting embedded links in the compose box, users can work through the content creation process faster, offering a better user experience.
  • Customize Image and Metadata for LinkedIn Links:
    • ​​​​​​​Greater flexibility - by allowing the editing of titles, descriptions, and thumbnails for LinkedIn links, users are afforded greater flexibility, to customize and tailor the content of their messages. Sometimes, the metadata attached to a link is unhelpful or computer-generated. Customization offers users the ability to better contextualize the information in a link, increasing the likelihood of engagement.




Auto-detection of an embedded link in action!


Customizing the metadata and thumbnail for a LinkedIn post 


Learn more in the Help Center:

The new “auto-detecting embedded links” has at least one big issue. If I have more than one link in a post, the detector will automatically populate the preview with the last link in the post. There does not appear to be a way to override this behavior. 

This is a problem because I want my posts to lead with the more important link. This is for things like links to registration pages. The links that follow that are for supplementary information like links to Google Maps. 

I don’t want link detection to “save me clicks.” I want control over how the post looks and functions. 

If I'm wrong about this, please let me know. Otherwise, either change the way that link detection functions to better align with best practices for post construction, or give us back manual control over linking. 


Hello @scandalmittens - many thanks for this note. This kind of feedback is very important to us, especially around new features like this -  designed with the express purpose of improving our clients’ workflow. 


I have taken this insight back to our UX and research teams and I’ll keep you posted here on resulting actions.


Thank you again for your input on improving the link process!