Alerts Update

Alerts: Now available on the Homepage and Main Navigation

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Alerts: Now available on the Homepage and Main Navigation

You can now easily view alerts directly from the Homepage and Main Navigation. 

What is it? 

  • Alert subscriptions enables you to stay on top of mentions, spikes in coverage, sentiment changes, and other alert offerings.
  • Alerts are now available on the Homepage via a module that shows the newest content, located below the More from Meltwater promo card.
  • Alerts have also been elevated to a primary location in the left hand navigation panel, now located below Reports.

What’s the Value?

  • Setting up alerts and monitoring them on the home page allows you to set up, edit, configure, and view alerts instantly from the homepage.
  • Faster access to unread alerts shows only the most relevant news.
  • The ability to customize and configure alerts from the preview module gives you the power to make sure you’re using alerts in a relevant way.


To learn more about Alerts and how to configure - check out Getting Started with Alerts

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