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Explore: Keyword Search and Boolean Syntax Updates

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Explore: Keyword Search and Boolean Syntax Updates

Quality of life improvements for users creating Explore searches

What is it, and what’s the value?

  • Keyword search: Save time by easily modifying your keyword searches with new keyboard navigation and drag-and-drop.
    • Improved keyboard navigation ⌨️
      • Tab on keyboard to move left to right between boxes
        • Shift + Tab to move right to left
      • Use arrow keys to shift through dropdown options (i.e. company search)
      • Delete inputs with backspace
    • Improved mouse interaction 🖱️
      • Drag and drop inputs between boxes
      • Inputs have “remove” as an immediate action
    • Improved responsive behavior 🤏
      • The UI can be used on narrow screens
      • Better adapts to available space
  • Boolean syntax: Write boolean faster with the new ability to add an OR with an operator.
    • Previously, you needed to specify the operator for each phrase. It’s now possible to write OR within an operator
    • For example, the old syntax 
       ingress:“Solar energy” OR ingress:“Solar power” OR ingress:“Photovoltaic” OR… can now be entered as 

      ingress:(“Solar energy” OR “Solar power” OR “Photovoltaic” OR “Solar panels”)


See it in action:


Learn more in the Help Center:

Wow, thank you @Jacinda Espinosa it’s very helpful. I have a quick question on how the recent upgrades in Explore searches enhance users, and what benefits do they offer?

Love these updates - mostly the boolean syntax one. Thanks @Jacinda Espinosa 

Very helpful, thank you!