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Engage: User Governance Permissions

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Engage: User Governance Permissions

User Governance Permissions in Engage allows you to control users' Engage access and permission level, at the social channel level.





This level of granularity expands on the previous Advanced Permissions feature for all users, by extending permissions even further for Engage. You can set user access levels for Conversations, Publish, and Social Analytics per social connection. The new permission options are Full Access, Need Approval, View Only, No Access, and Approver


What does this mean for you? 

Social media governance is well-beyond having a Social Media Policy. It's the day-to-day practices that the marketing & communications teams should embed in the social media strategy to help:

  • Optimize risk management 

  • Mitigate the inherent risk that come with having an online presence

Besides the risks above, permissions can also allow for expanded usage of Engage. You can feel more confident allowing access to interns, contract workers, or even agencies, by making sure they only have as much access as they need. 


Check out our Help Center Article, User Governance Permissions in Engage, to learn more.