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Engage: Team Performance Dashboard

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Engage: Team Performance Dashboard

Track your community management team performance with a new dashboard in Analyze.

What is it?

  • The Team Performance template in Analyze is a brand new dashboard allowing you to easily track, measure, and trend your team actions in Conversations within Engage. 


This dashboard features data for all conversations actions, across all connected social channels. As show below this dashboard features 10 visualizations, including a section by team member.


What's the value?

  • Gain visibility into team performance and make sure team-wide output supports community growth and engagement
  • Ensure your team is meeting agreed upon response-times and course correct if need be
  • Motivate your team by visualizing user-by-user output


To learn more about the Team Performance Dashboard and specific widgets, check out our help center article HERE


Thanks for this update!

I tried this out and I agree it’s a very interesting feature; very unique in my experience. 

Thanks for the feedback, @Maria Dehne!


I’ve also looped in our Engage Product Manager, @tarynjoiner, who will be interested in your feedback as well.