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Engage: Reply with Asset for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn via Conversations

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Engage: Reply with Asset for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn via Conversations

Personalize your social responses with media via access to the Asset Library in Conversations.

What is it?

  • You can now add assets (images, videos, and GIFs) to comments and replies via Conversations in Engage!
  • Upload directly from your computer, pull from the asset library, or use one of the built-in integrations to add images, videos, or gifs directly to fan comments and replies for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


What's the value?

  • Community management is all about connection and engagement with your audience. Therefore, choosing what to say and how to say it is critical. While text and emojis may be the simplest ways to communicate with your audience online, visual media (think images, videos, and gifs) offer an additional way to express emotion and personality, share information, and connect with your audience on a more personal level
  • Using the Add asset option in conversations, you can now include pre-approved, on-brand media in your responses.


How does it work? 


  1. Within conversations, when commenting and replying to fans on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, the comment box will now include a + (add) icon. 



  1. Within this icon will be two options:
  • Add asset

  • Saved responses



  1. Selecting Add asset will open the same filestack uploader present in Publish, giving users the option to upload files directly from their computer, Meltwater asset library, or one of 7 integrations. 




  1. Once the asset is selected (limit one per response), click upload




  1. The asset will appear in the comment box at the top, and users can continue writing their responses. 




  1. Post them appear in the preview and native with text on top, and image below. 




To learn more check out our Help Center Article, Manage Social Post with Engage Conversations

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