Analyze Update

Analyze: Owned Social Media Reports and Templates have moved to Measure!

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Analyze: Owned Social Media Reports and Templates have moved to Measure!

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline and enhance your analytics experience, we have an important update to share regarding the evolution of our reporting tools.


Centralizing Owned Social Media Reporting in Measure

Last October, we released Measure: powerful new dashboards for measuring owned social media performance. Since then, we've received positive feedback on its expanded metrics, drag-and-drop functionality, and resizable components. We’re excited to share that we’re building on this success with the next significant step in our platform's evolution.

All owned social media reporting, dashboards, and templates are now accessed through Measure. This includes legacy dashboards, which were previously accessible through Analyze or Social Analytics. This transition makes Measure your singular, comprehensive hub for all owned social media performance reporting.




Seamless Transition and Access

To allow you to  continue your work without interruption, you will experience:

  • No Loss of Historical Data: All historical templates and reports have been meticulously migrated to Measure. You'll find them under "Legacy Social Templates," ensuring you retain access to your valuable insights.
  • A Unified Analytics Experience: This consolidation into Measure will simplify your workflow and provide a unified, intuitive interface for all your reporting needs.


Why This Change?

Our goal is to enhance your reporting capabilities and efficiency. By centralizing your social media analytics in Measure, we're streamlining your processes and offering a more powerful platform to analyze your social media performance comprehensively.


Get Started with Measure

To help you get started, check out our Get Started With Measure guide. It's designed to fast-track your familiarity with the new features and help you start getting value. 

We encourage you to explore the updated Measure platform to familiarize yourself with its comprehensive capabilities.  If you need assistance or have questions about navigating this transition, your account manager is ready to help.

Thanks for this info/reminder!