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Analyze: New Share of Voice by Engagement Insight

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Analyze: New Share of Voice by Engagement Insight

Introducing a New Way to Measure Your Impact: Share of Voice by Engagement


What is it?

Unlock a fresh perspective on how your brand stands out with our latest insight, Share of Voice (SOV) by Engagement.

This new addition to our Analyze section goes beyond traditional metrics like reach and volume. It allows you to see how your brand or product compares to others based on actual engagement across news, social media, and more. 

The SOV by Engagement insight supports up to 25 different inputs.


What’s the value?

  • Move past older metrics such as Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) and simply counting mentions. Now, gauge your brand’s visibility based on meaningful social media interactions.
  • Gain insights into your brand’s earned media impact, providing you with powerful data to guide your strategy and communicate your success to key stakeholders.

Engagement metrics are are calculated based on specific types of interactions that differ slightly between social platforms:

  • Facebook - Total number of Posts, Likes, and Comments.

  • X (formerly Twitter) - Amount of times content has been posted or reposted.

  • Reddit - Total number of shares across the top 17,000 most popular subreddits. (From Oct 2019 onwards)



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