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Advanced User Permissions

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Advanced User Permissions

Governance is an important part of making sure a team functions safely, and effectively. While you don’t want everyone on your team to have the highest level permissions, with the ability to delete everything and everyone, you also don’t want to create bottle neck, and remove permissions they need to effectively do their job. 


Enter advanced user permissions. Advanced user permissions allow administrators to grant Admin and Viewer access for their users, at the specific Meltwater module level. 


For example, you can set a user's access to admin for Explore, viewer for Analyze, and No Access for Engage. This allows them the ability to have full control over their daily task area, visibility into another tangential team, and no access or visibility into another area entirely. 


The No Access role is a new feature, and will remove a user's ability to see or even navigate to a specific Meltwater module.



For example, a user with No Access to Explore, will not see Explore in the Navigation bar, on the home screen, nor will they be able to navigate to it via a direct link to Explore (i.e.\, even if other members of your team can. 


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