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Universal Solutions: X (Twitter) Bookmarks

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Universal Solutions: X (Twitter) Bookmarks

See how many times an X (Twitter) post has been bookmarked directly in Meltwater.

What is it?

X Bookmarks are an additional engagement metric. Discoverable on content cards in Explore, Monitor, and Analyze, Bookmarks indicate how many times users have bookmarked the post.


What’s the value?

  • Understand more about content related to your brand or initiative.
  • Go beyond likes and replies: Understand what content is being saved for later reading. Longform posts, discussions, or engaging announcements can often be bookmarked, similar to posts in Reddit and Instagram.
  • Save time: No need to navigate to the X post to see how many times it’s been Bookmarked. You can now see the Bookmarks metric directly in your Explore, Monitor, or Analyze view.







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