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Explore: New Filters - "Media Format" and "Outlet Type"

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Explore: New Filters - "Media Format" and "Outlet Type"

In 2023, the Meltwater Product teams are focused on making it easier for you to create searches with relevant results. As such, we're excited to announce two new filter types to make your lives easier and your searches better: 'Media format' and 'Outlet type.'

What is it?

  • The Media format subfilter allows you to include or exclude search results by specific news media format - Online and Print. *Meltwater has partnerships with select content providers that offer access to print media. Access to this content is offered as add-on package. The 'Media format' lets you isolate print media when you have the add-on.

  • The Outlet Type subfilter lets you include or exclude news media results by specific categories - press releases, trade publications, stock market news, and more. The subfilter works at the publisher level, classifying outlets according to the type of news media they mainly publish. For example, Marketwatch.com and all its published content fall in the Stock Market News category. 

What's the value?

  • The new filters help you reduce noise (e.g., get rid of stock ticker updates or press releases) and narrow your results to only the most relevant content (e.g. only include results from trade journals), leading to more efficient media monitoring and more accurate reporting.

  • Finally, the new filters save you the time you might otherwise spend manipulating queries and combing through irrelevant results

Where can I access the new subfilters?

When viewing results in Explore or Explore for Media Intelligence, under the Source Type > News > By criteria subfilter, you will see two new options: Media format and Outlet type.




We’d love your feedback:

Once you’ve had time to test the new filters, we’d love you feedback. You can do so by filling out the following 1 to 2 minute survey.

Examples of outlet type classifications

(read our Help Center article here)

Below, you'll find the outlet type category definitions and examples.

Any feedback on the classification of outlet types can be directed to help@meltwater.com.

General News

Includes news outlets and other providers of newsworthy content.

Example: NYTimes

Market Research Reports

Websites that provide information on certain topics such as buying behavior, competitor news etc.

Example: FTSE Russell

News Aggregators

Aggregators gather news stories from multiple sources.

Examples: Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines |

MSN | Outlook, Office, Skype, Bing, Breaking News, and Latest Videos

Press Releases

Websites publishing press releases by their company/other companies.

Example: Press Release Distribution & Free Press Release Submit @ 1888 PressRelease.com

Stock Market News

Websites reporting on stock exchanges.

Example: AASTOCKS.com – HK Free Stock Quote

Trade Publications

Magazines with articles and information targeting people working in a particular industry.

Examples: MARKETING Magazine Asia | Beverage World

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