Analyze Update

Analyze: AVE is now available in Custom Dashboards

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Analyze: AVE is now available in Custom Dashboards

Now you can measure your SOV, Keywords, and more by AVE in Custom Dashboards with five new insights!

What is it?

Advertising Equivalent Value (AVE), a highly requested analytic, is now available in Custom Dashboards! Previously only available in Classic Dashboards, now you can now create 5 new insights in Custom Dashboards including: 

  • Share of Voice by AVE 
  • Top Locations by AVE 
  • Top Publications by AVE 
  • Keywords by AVE
  • Overall AVE trend

What’s the value?

  • Advertising Equivalency Value (AVE) is a metric used in public relations (PR) and marketing to assign a financial value to media coverage obtained through earned media (e.g., news articles, press mentions, TV interviews) by comparing it to the cost of equivalent advertising space or time.
  • While AVE is a metric that is falling out of favor for many PR teams, it remains a key metric that many of our customers still include in their reporting, as it has been a standard metric used over time.

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