How Meltwater uses Meltwater: Field Marketing

  • 8 December 2022
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How Meltwater uses Meltwater: Field Marketing
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My name is Frida Fors Wallsbeck and I´m responsible for Field Marketing in the Nordics. Our team mainly uses Meltwater´s tools for Social Media management, PR (content, measure and press releases) and overall reporting. In this blogpost I will share my experience using Meltwater's tools focusing on PR and explain how I create content and prove the worth of PR.




For a PR professional it's more or less impossible to keep track of all new media coverage and trends without a social listening tool like Meltwater. In my daily work I track trends and industry related articles to inspire content creation. To make this concrete, let me walk you through my current work with a PR piece focusing on Black Friday 2022. 


To create this article I have sourced social and digital media to find the most popular brands including those having a high engagement on social media. Below is one example of a Swedish beauty and Influencer brand called CAIA Cosmetics and their current search overview focuses on Sweden.




Next step for me is to compare searches with the top brands, picture below, where the clear winner (media exposure) is the brand CAIA.




As a final step, I analyzed the brands engagement (= eng.rate, as you can see to the right in the below picture) on Instagram. Figures for Exposure and Engagement on Instagram = Great PR piece!




PR - How to prove its worth


OK, next step - how do we prove the worth of PR? By using Meltwater it's easy! Let's take Meltwater and its competitors as an example and let's focus on the market where we were born - Norway.


This time I have used our media monitoring tool and created searches for Meltwater and its main (local) competitors. Then I have added the needed widgets (media exposure, sentiment, share of voice and top content to name a few). The picture below shows our Media exposure in Norway YTD, almost +70% compared to last year proving that the work we have done also has generate exposure. 




As a final KPI I would like to show and recommend measuring Share of Voice. In the below picture you can see Meltwater and its main local competitors, again Meltwater leading the way.




I hope this article gave some inspiration into the possibilities of Meltwater and how fun it is to source the digital and social media world for insights!


Happy Holidays,



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