How Meltwater uses Meltwater: Corporate Communications

  • 15 December 2022
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How Meltwater uses Meltwater: Corporate Communications

Hello mCommunity!

My name is Kelly Costello, and I lead Corporate Communications here at Meltwater. 

I’ve spoken to many of our clients in PR and Comms over the years as a fellow Comms pro to brainstorm and share knowledge and best practices, and I’m super excited to share with you how I use the Meltwater tool to achieve Meltwater’s communications goals. 


Track & analyze coverage, moving from analytics to insights


In probably our most traditional use case, we use Meltwater to see who is talking about Meltwater across news and social and what the conversation drivers are. Day-to-day, my inbox is full of competing priorities and being able to scan the daily newsletter and quickly understand where Meltwater has been mentioned is a huge time saver. I also keep track of our competitor mentions and industry news to understand the trends and competitive landscape in the ever-evolving social and media landscape.

Drilling in a bit deeper, I use Explore for a more in depth analysis of conversations about Meltwater to understand where Meltwater is happening in conversations – whether it be data & AI, social media, or best place to work.

Support media and corporate partners with data on trending topics

As a leader in social and media intelligence, Meltwater leverages our core capabilities to provide data to media as well as our corporate partners to track and analyze the conversation around trending topics as they arise.

As one example, we were asked by USA Today to analyze the rise of memes generated around the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago alongside the subsequent online narratives that developed, along with the government response. During the Gamestop saga, Meltwater provided The Wall Street Journal with data that showed how the conversations started on Reddit, before moving to other social media platforms, followed by widespread coverage in the mainstream media. Because of our real-time, global data and analytics, Meltwater can provide to-the-moment insights on where conversations are taking place online. 


More recently, we were a data partner to Inc Magazine for their Power Partner list, where we developed a custom sentiment score that looked at how people were talking about B2B businesses on social media. We looked at more than 500 brands, using Meltwater’s AI-driven company search to see what people were saying about them on social, and using the sentiment analysis, Inc created a list of the top, most trusted brands.

Proving the ROI of our partnerships

PR and Marketing teams have historically had trouble proving the ROI of their work, and another way we use the Meltwater tool is to show the ROI of our brand partnerships. In 2020, Meltwater became the title partner of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, the world’s biggest online chess tournament. With the partnership, our goals were driving brand awareness globally, and one of the ways we measure that is tracking coverage of the tour and measuring reach and mentions over time.

Chess has seen a fantastic amount of growth over the past few years, and so has the tour. With coverage in some of the world’s top tier media outlets, we used Meltwater to show more than 22 billion in media reach in 2021 and 58 billion in 2022, representing 164% year-over-year growth on these record-breaking seasons.

At Meltwater, innovation and data are at the core of everything we do. But it’s not enough to just say that, we pull these analytics to continually assess the value of our partnerships and the way they are moving us towards our own PR & Marketing goals.


Happy Holidays!

Kelly Costello


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