#ExpertExchange - Follow-up Questions

  • 24 January 2023
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#ExpertExchange - Follow-up Questions
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Today (01/24) at 11 am ET / 8 am PT, we are hosting our first Experts Exchange meeting with @Danny Gardner, Head of Social Media Insights and Analytics at Haleon, and @melissa.walters , Global Trends and Insights Manager at Solvay. 


This meetup is focused on Social Listening. Danny and Melissa will facilitate discussions based on the topics and questions you submit when you register.


There’s still time to register (session won’t be recorded):


Use this post to ask any questions that weren’t covered on the call.

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I could only stay for half of the time, but I really appreciated the opportunity to learn more during this event. It is always nice to hear validation from others on various things in the same line of work, so I liked hearing the confirmation of the importance of focusing on how data/stats can help change your work. And it was interesting to hear how successful it’s been for internal needs, to share a visual (like screenshots of what people are saying about your brand/company/etc) to help get necessary points across.