A Day in the Life of a Communications Director

  • 16 January 2023
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A Day in the Life of a Communications Director
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The day in the life of a communication professional could look drastically different from fellow communication professionals, especially depending on the type of company they work for. One thing many of us can attest to is that the day is busy and, at many times, uncertain.


It would be impossible to take a deep dive into the specifics of my day for the sheer fact that most of the time, I don’t even know what will happen. Yes, I have my to-dos mapped out ahead of time, but often, I am derailed from my planned work to handle spontaneous and immediate requests and situations. While this is one of the factors I love the most about working in school communications, it also causes a bumpy shift in my day and adds a barrier to ensuring the timely completion of strategic, well-thought-out projects. 


To manage the various daily pieces, I am dedicated to remaining absurdly organized. To ensure a successful, efficient, and effective day, I run through a morning routine: checking my email > reviewing notes > and browsing a project management system.


Media Briefing


I start each day with Meltwater’s Daily Digest. Based on my saved searches in Meltwater, I receive reports that are generated daily and sent directly to my email at 8 a.m., Monday through Friday. These reports inform me of any media mentions for my organization and keep me in the loop about our community, partners, and similar organizations. Depending on what populates in the reports, Meltwater’s Daily Digest helps me prioritize my day. For example, if a media mention from a surrounding organization is interesting or aligns with ECS’s mission, I might utilize part of my day to reach out or interact with that organization. 


The Daily Digest reports also provide a snapshot of ECS’s social media mentions. With the organization's dedication to posting at least once a day on a social media platform, there are always key insights to review and monitor. The report will tell me the reach of posts that are recorded and shared with certain departments to showcase posts’ performance.   


Task Prioritization


Once I review my Daily Digest reports, I move on to tackling my inbox with the goal of getting down to zero unopened emails each day by 4 p.m. (it doesn’t always happen). I use my inbox as my to-do list, so it is imperative that it is organized and spam free. Every email I receive gets filed into at least one of 70 folders. If an email can wait, I snooze it for another date or time. If an email is an immediate action, it stays in my direct inbox as a reminder that the request needs to be fulfilled. 


To conclude my morning ritual, I check my notes, creative briefs, and project management system to determine the day’s tasks for both myself and the team of individuals that I work with throughout the district. This all seems like a pretty simple and most likely normal way to manage, but depending on the day, this process may take anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours. However, it is time well spent as it often sets me up to complete tasks in a timely, organized manner. 




Then I’m free to complete the functions of my job for the day! From scheduling social media posts and website updates to developing campaigns and communications for various stakeholders, I’m able to take a deep dive into my work. I have daily meetings with other team members, and when I get called for an immediate need, I find it easier to refocus because of my morning routine.


What does your day look like? Is it similar?

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Love this Day In A Life example, thanks for sharing!